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Multipurpose thermostat ultrasonic extraction machine

Multipurpose thermostat ultrasonic extraction machine
This series multi-purpose heated ultrasonic extraction machine is small quantities for laboratory preparation of study design and production, with small size, light weight, extraction temperature of hot and cold thermostats controllable dual-band single optional ultrasonic frequency range of 20-80KHz, easy to use, noisesmall advantages. Is too obvious for high-power ultrasound thermal effects for small batch extraction, the extraction temperature is heating up too high, too fast phenomenon, researchers of the company over a long period of research, the success of the product to solve this problem, the ultrasonic extraction process thermostats , so as to prevent the extraction temperature increased destruction of the heat-sensitive activity of extracts to ensure extraction quality.
Safe and convenient to use, cost-effective, small laboratory quantities Preparation and Determination of natural product extraction equipment, an excellent alternative.
The multi-purpose heated ultrasonic extraction machine which can be applied to a volatile or non-volatile extraction media, mainly used in Chinese herbal medicines, agricultural products. Extraction of plants and animals, microorganisms, pesticide residues and other deep-processing research, and the need for ultrasonic dispersion and ultrasound-enhanced reaction process.
Main features:
1. Integrated design, fully sealed noise, extraction temperature of hot and cold thermostats controllable and easy to use.
2. Can be chosen Shaped trial Ultrasound can also be used distributed ultrasound. Ultrasonic frequency 20KHz-80KHz optional, to achieve the dual-band or multi-frequency, and easier experimental study contrast.
3. Patented product, cost, and is an excellent alternative to cell disruption and ultrasonic cleaning extractor upgrading products.

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