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Ultrasonic plated parts of the surface before cleaning

Ultrasonic plated parts of the surface before cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic cleaning equipment cleaning technology developed in recent years, has been more widely used in medical equipment, electroplating tools electroplating power production, ultrasonic cleaning the surface of the impact of the shock waves generated by the cavitation effect Microfluidizer , the formation of the shearing action, so attached to the surface of the part of the dirt removed layer by layer, the Microfluidizer can enhance ultrasonic cavitation generated in the solid and liquid interface, high-speed stirring action, to accelerate the dissolution of the soluble dirt, until the substrate is completely cleaned until .

Before plating on the substrate was subjected to ultrasonic cleaning, can remove oxides and film impact plating, so that the better binding between the substrate and the coating to improve the quality of the plating member. Huo Yuxiang ultrasonic cleaning role in the the diamond drill pretreatment of the composite plating, using a water-based cleaning liquid trichlorethylene as ultrasonic cleaning liquid, and f is 22 ~ 23kHz ultrasonic ultrasonic etch cleaning, experimental results show that ultrasonic cleaning of the drill bit surface wetting contact angle is small, dirt residue Minimum the ultrasonic plus pickling process cleaning parts impurity residue dropped below 0.2%. Liu Xiaodong, OP the Emulsifier, 6501 cleaning agent composed of water-based cleaning fluid, sound intensity 0.03W/cm2, at room temperature under 2min, experimental results show that the composite electroplated diamond bit matrix ultrasonic cleaning composite plating after ultrasound before The cleaning drill matrix deposition particles combined with the ability to improve the composite electroplated diamond drill can improve service life. Wang Hongkui research results show that the OP emulsifier cleaning agent to treat plated parts ultrasonic cleaning the product curve pattern depths pollutants get completely clear, while avoiding the product surface scratches, 18K or 24K gold plating, to ensure a pattern graphics clarity and consistency.

Ole study ultrasonic cleaning frequency, temperature and time of ultrasonic cleaning machine tinned passive film corrosion resistance, and the experimental results show that the ultrasonic cleaning, coating corrosion resistance of the worst, and ultrasonic cleaning process parameter f = 59kHz, θ = 35 to 45 ° C, t = 15s when the microscopic surface of the tin plate smooth, corrosion resistance, ultrasonic cleaning effect; BogdanNiemczewski dienes of water-based cleaning fluid concentration of ultrasonic cavitation of the intensity of impact, the experimental results show that, using a 4% to 10% of Na2CO3, Na2SiO3 · 5H2O and Na3PO4 · 12H2O cleaning liquid cavitation intensity, ultrasonic cleaning effect is best under conditions of cleaning θ is 60 ℃. The impact of factors such as power, frequency and distribution of the sound field of an ultrasonic wave will be the effect of ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, the different frequencies of ultrasonic display different cleaning characteristics, low frequency conducive to the cleaning of large dirt, higher strength, and the high frequency conducive to the gap, the gap and deep cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning parameters practical application select according to the degree of pollution levels and precision parts.

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