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Application of ultrasound in the preparation of metal plating

Application of ultrasound in the preparation of metal plating
Coating prepared under ultrasonic conditions with fine and dense grain, high hardness, good corrosion resistance and internal stress, etc. have been used in the preparation of nickel, copper and other the elemental metal plating and alloy plating, using ultrasound can improve production efficiency, improve The surface quality of the coating, electroplating power to optimize coating performance.

Wang Xiuzhi were prepared under the conditions of ultrasonic and non-ultrasonic diamond abrasive nickel coatings and composite plating, study ultrasonic nickel coating performance and composite electroplated diamond abrasive, experimental results show that the introduction of ultrasound, can improve the hardness of the coating process of electroless nickel ultrasonic P 200W, the hardness up to 510HV; ultrasonic fine grain size of the nickel plating, coating presents compressive stress state grain refinement of the nickel plating, work hardening and the presence of compressive stress ultrasonic electroless nickel layer hardness is increased The main factors; ultrasound can increase the nickel plating layer parcel of the diamond particles, improve the processing properties of the diamond abrasive. Was introduced in the electrolytic power Vasudevan etc. in Watts plated nickel f to 22kHz, P for 0 ~ 500W of ultrasonic, study its nickel plating performance, experimental results show that, using ultrasonic can reduce hydrogen evolution and thus improve the deposition rate and allows the use of current density, and greatly improve the cathode current efficiency, to reduce the internal stress of the nickel plating, to improve the wear resistance and fatigue resistance, microhardness increased from the same heat treatment to 450HV, the obtained coating surface roughness of 0.96 μm is decreased to 0 .56 μm. Jensen et al studied high-frequency ultrasonic strengthen the mechanism of nickel ion deposition, experimental results show that the Watts nickel plating solution, using a frequency of 1 MHz ultrasound, 3D bottom of the trench and the trench walls of uniform thickness of nickel plating, ultrasonic jet and standing have a significant impact on the morphology of the nickel plating.

Ultrasonic electroplating copper coatings obtained using ultrasonic electroplating technology AZ91D magnesium alloy electroplating copper, observe the quality of the surface of the copper plating, ultrasonic electroplating copper coating obtained surface grain rough, poor binding force; rather uniform surface grain formation, combined strong, good corrosion resistance; scanning electron microscopy (SEM), the formation of the coating surface than 80W ultrasonic power 40W ultrasonic power coating surface. Zhao studied the effect of ultrasound on the structure and performance of the copper foam, applied power of 300W ultrasonic grain refinement of the copper layer, with a compact, low surface roughness, Clogging avoid electroplating copper surface tensile strength may be increased 2-fold or more, can reduce breakage during molding of the machining. Hong et al in the presence or absence of ultrasonic waves under the conditions of a titanium alloy as the substrate, the nature of the comparison to copper plating was prepared in aqueous solution and the organic solution, the experimental results indicate that the ultrasonic wave reduces the internal stress of the copper layer. Chen et al under the ultrasonic conditions, respectively, using a DC current and pulse current in the blind hole in the copper plating, the results showed that ultrasonic plating can reduce the thickness of the diffusion layer of the liquid layer in the vicinity of the cathode surface, to improve the coating quality. Blind holes of aspect ratio less than 3:1, regardless of whether the application of the ultrasonic plating, with the pulse current to get the full coating; blind hole of the aspect ratio of greater than 3:1, the use of ultrasonic agitation better than mechanical agitation can be improved particle concentration near the cathode, is conducive to the deposition of particles to obtain a complete coating.

The acidic chloride plating bath on low carbon steel galvanized Research results show that ultrasonic addition can improve the hardness, but also significantly enhanced the corrosion resistance of low-carbon steel surface zinc coating, mainly due to the decrease in ultrasonic cavitation the porosity of the coating, making the zinc coating more dense.

Takashi et using ultrasonic iridium coating on the copper substrate was prepared to test the quality of the coating surface, the experimental results show that by adding, in the bath 5 mmol / L of glycerol, the electroplating process, application of ultrasonic frequency to 20kHz prepared coating than ultrasonic prepared under conditions less coating surface cracks, internal stress is small, and the cathode current efficiency of 10%. The coating whether using glycerin as an additive, the ultrasonic can reduce the internal stress of the coating.

Ultrasonic ultrasonic cleaning equipment under prepared tin - cerium alloy plating bright, silvery white, crystalline more uniform and detailed Sn (101) crystal face obvious preferred orientation coating obtained without ultrasound Sn (101) and Sn (112) crystal planes mainly weak preferred orientation; ultrasonic proceeds tin - cerium alloy coating performance, combined with strong weldability ideal, especially antioxidant properties and corrosion resistance is better than no ultrasonic under the action of the resulting coating; ultrasound to accelerate the electrode process ultrasonic cleaning machine, optimize the bath performance electrodeposition rate in favor of tin - cerium alloy deposit formation. Ultrasonic plating Ni-Fe alloy, the study results indicate that the frequency of 24.8kHz ultrasonic under the conditions of preparation of the coating the Fe content was significantly higher than 37.9kHz under conditions of the coating, but the increase in the internal stress of the coating, and was added in the bath saccharin , can reduce the internal stress. Frequency switching power supply study also found that the ultrasonic affect the Ni-Co alloy electrodeposited layer mechanical properties and the Co content, with the ultrasonic power increases, the Ni-Co alloy, the cobalt content decreased, and a significant increase in the hardness of the alloy plating layer, toughness is also improved

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