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Ultrasonic phased array inspection device

Ultrasonic phased array inspection device
AQSIQ organize relevant experts to identify UCE ultrasonic phased array and time of flight diffraction (TOFD) automatic test equipment and technical research projects in Wuhan that the equipment of the project developed products with independent intellectual property rights, reached the international advanced level, will be changed completely dependent on imports of similar products in the history of our country.

According to reports, the ultrasonic phased array technology is an advanced non-destructive testing techniques, but also one of the important methods of ultrasonic testing. Our research started late, the foundation still very weak domestic ultrasonic phased array testing equipment all rely on high-priced imports. With independent intellectual property rights for the development of ultrasonic phased array testing equipment and technology, and the formation of industrialization, expansion of product lines, to break the monopoly of foreign to our testing equipment, and to further promote the application of the technology to improve the technical level of ultrasonic nondestructive testing, the technology is a state-level new technologies and equipment research and development projects are widely used in the field of aerospace, nuclear power, machinery manufacturing, electric power, petrochemical, railway, will create enormous social and economic benefits.

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