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Ultrasonic cleaning technology in PH meter electrode

Ultrasonic cleaning technology in PH meter electrode
PH meter electrode is widely used in the industrial field, and received its choice of the cleaning method medium measured by different pollution levels and impact. Industrial cleaning technology, ultrasonic cleaning technology is one of the more functionality to the original PH meter motor.

Currently using a pH meter electrode mostly glass electrode as a measuring electrode, a calomel electrode as reference electrode.

When the pH meter detection medium, the contaminants will be deposited on the glass electrode will affect the electric potential of the glass electrode, thereby affecting showing the value of the pH meter, reduces the sensitivity and accuracy of measurement, or even failure. PH meter in the actual use of anti-pollution and cleaning methods have been in continuous research.

pH meter commonly used method of cleaning, mechanical scrubbing, ultrasonic cleaning, water-jet cleaning, jet cleaning of the chemical solution and the composite cleaning. The easiest cleaning convenience is manual cleaning, manual cleaning has many drawbacks, such as removing the electrode trouble, easily damaged electrode measuring job temporarily stop. However, the use of ultrasonic cleaning, there is a certain convenience at.

Ultrasonic cleaning is installed in the bottom of the pH electrode ultrasonic cleaning head about 80kHz frequency oscillation source by the ultrasonic generator to the cleaning head, so that the cleaning head high frequency vibration, the cleaning head high frequency vibrations to the test solution, in solution to generate the air gap, then quickly disappear, the air gap is repeatedly generated, and the disappearance of the cavitation effect the electrode fouling of the sensitive parts of the peeling can or prevent contaminants adhered.

Better use an ultrasonic cleaner technologies in urban sewage and industrial effluent line monitoring instruments. It has been reported, can ensure long-term operation under the conditions of the detection accuracy, the use of a pH sensor with ultrasonic cleaning function. Traditional ultrasonic cleaning machine is only to generate ultrasonic oscillator, the drawback is when replacing the load (transducer), the oscillation circuit must be redesigned and traditional ultrasonic instrument before the tubes, it works in the linear region, and non-switching state, so a large loss and the operating frequency is not high. Ultrasonic cleaning device using ultrasound power a new generation of power electronic devices, and it works in the switch status, loss and high operating frequency of up to megahertz, when the load is different, the circuit can automatically track the load resonant frequency, no need to re-design the circuit, which kinds of operating frequency up to 20kHz ~ 1MHz ultrasound power has a strong practical.

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