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Ultrasonic wind measurement instrument to solve the wind measurement problems

Ultrasonic wind measurement instrument to solve the wind measurement problems
Recently UCE ultrasonic wind measurement instrument independently developed successful trial run of a wind farm in Heilongjiang. During the test run the owner of the new stability and accuracy of the wind measurements recognized, and plans to gradually in several wind farms under the model ultrasonic wind measurement instrument to replace the original mechanical anemometer, wind vane, to solve mechanical wind measurement instrument failure frequency, difficult to maintain, freezing in the snow and weather problems.

Install the earlier models, the use of the old mechanical anemometer, wind vane, and often are not allowed on wind measurement, and Heilongjiang low winter temperatures often snow weather, leading to the anemometer, wind vane measurement data with actual The deviation is too large. To the wind farm in the winter gale season brought no small economic loss. In addition, foreign models imported the wind measurements procurement cycle longer expensive, also seriously affect the fan use efficiency.

UCE ultrasonic wind measurement instrument is designed specifically for the harsh environment of the wind farm. The main principle is to take advantage of the ultrasonic transit-time, thus reducing the rotating parts, greatly reduced the failure rate. Taking into account the special environment of the wind farm, also made a number of optimizations on climate adaptation, electromagnetic protection, interface specification. Simultaneous measurement of high precision, speed reflects the measurement accuracy of 0.1 m / s wind speed, wind direction measurement accuracy up to 1, the error is less than 3, in this transformation fan has been running for many years to prevent signal interference and lightning protection purposes in the the ultrasonic wind measurements terminal installed FT641 signal isolation. More to ensure electrical safety, the transmission signal is accurate, and greatly enhance the reliability of the product!

UCE ultrasonic wind wind measurements on good customer service shortcomings inherent in the mechanical demeanor wind instrument, and thus long-term stable work, more and more widely to be used, it will be a powerful substitute of mechanical wind measurements.

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