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Ultrasonic for iPhone wireless charging

Ultrasonic for iPhone wireless charging
Today, almost everyone has a more consumer electronic products, has become the standard of smart phones and laptops, to the increasingly popular tablet PCs and e-book reader, the IT influx of people spared no expense armed. However, no matter how advanced technology, the battery life has always been the soft underbelly of a variety of electronic products, forcing people to always pay attention to the remaining power and charging equipment ready. American named Meredith Perry (Meredith Perry), a 22-year-old girl came up with a way to charge for your electronic products: ultrasonic.

Perry designed a device named Ubeam. It can emit ultrasonic, driven by a piezoelectric transducer (piezoelectric transducer) the in piezoelectric crystal (piezocrystal), vibration, resulting in the current. From the prototype product point of view, in order to use this product to charge iPhone, still need to use the USB cable to the phone connected. That is, it can not be achieved directly charging the iPhone or other electronic products.

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