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British developed ultrasonic scanning refrigerator

British developed ultrasonic scanning refrigerator
Refrigerator what future? British researchers are developing a smart refrigerator, according to stock ingredients recommended recipes, order food demand, helping to reduce waste, automatic cleaning provides some convenience for the busy modern.

The British developed ultrasound scans refrigerator understand Recommended Recipe automatic cleaning

Less wasted

University of Lancashire and network supermarket Ocado researchers are jointly developing a smart refrigerator. As envisaged by the researchers, the refrigerator has two doors up and down the ultrasonic scanning function can scan storage shelf ingredients, understand the inventory accordingly recommended recipes, order food to supermarkets.

Two doors is also a touch screen, you can display a lot of information on internal inventory, recommended recipes, shopping list, family photos and a message bar, the the cooking textbooks video program can also be displayed via Wi-Fi.

There is a refrigerator central specialized scanning area, understand and record intraday food before eating a meal weight change. British "Daily Mail" 26, quoted the words of the researchers reported, this feature will help to understand what type of food is easy to waste and waste quantity.

The researchers envision, the kitchen trash have similar functions, connected with the smart refrigerator, food waste will be able to more accurately understand the situation.

Smart refrigerator according to these data, adjusting recipe ingredients recommended dosage, to help reduce waste.

Good recipes

One of the biggest advantages of this refrigerator is recommended according to geographical, cooking method, season, and user preferences taste recipes.

University of Lancashire future forecasting expert Simon? Somerville said, if the user is too lazy to think about what to eat, you can use the refrigerator recommended recipes. The smart fridge will store large amounts of cooking method, recommended a series of different style and taste very different recipes.

In addition to the specific cooking methods, the recipes also contains this information such as dish is typical of northern Italy, flavor, facilitate the user to select recipes based on regional characteristics.

The key to the successful implementation of this program is to have accurate inventory, Somerville said, the refrigerator will compare the user to select and inventory, if a material does not exist in the recipes, refrigerator may be recommended to postpone this dish, to the network of supermarkets ordering ingredients, of course, the refrigerator also may recommend using alternative ingredients.

Tim convenience

Inside the refrigerator storage racks made of nanotechnology, smooth texture, composed of millions of tiny plates, each one can be independently controlled, convenient ingredients to be used to move to the front row.

The fridge will also monitor the food degradation process of the release of gas, will move to the front row of the storage rack little fresh food.

In addition, the smart refrigerator also has a self-cleaning function.

"Daily Mail" reported that statistics show that Britons a year total of 36 million hours of overtime without pay. The researchers say, shows that the fast pace of modern life, the pressure, and not much time engaged in household chores, smart fridge will provide some help.

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