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Intelligent detection of the acoustic sensor industrial

Intelligent detection of the acoustic sensor industrial
Usually from the physical point of view, we know that ultrasound is a mechanical wave, a vibration frequency is higher than the sound waves and vibration generated by the transducer chip voltage excitation, it has a high frequency, the wave length of the diffraction phenomenon, especially good directionto become ray and directional spread. Further, the penetrating ability of the ultrasound on the liquid, solid, very strong, especially in sunlight opaque solid, it is penetrable depth of tens of meters. Ultrasonic encounter impurities or interface will produce significant reflection to form echoes reflected as encounter moving objects can produce a Doppler effect. Ultrasonic testing is widely used in industrial, defense, biomedical aspects. The ultrasonic sensor is developed from the use of the characteristics of the ultrasonic wave sensor. Is widely used in the field of modern industrial ultrasonic sensors from Pepperl + Fuchs.

Ultrasonic sensor due to the reliability and accuracy of detection of ultrasonic sensors, are widely used in the wood and furniture industry, building materials and equipment, agricultural equipment, and level control applications. Pepperl + Fuchs ultrasonic sensor dust, mist or steam can be used for the occasion, which is ideal for non-contact position and distance measurement products. Does not consider the case of color or shape, the different materials of the object can be detected by the accuracy of the millimeter-out. Pepperl + Fuchs ultrasonic sensor uses high-frequency ultrasonic measuring medium outside beyond the human audible sound. Distance or position by the acoustic transfer time between the sensor and the object can be calculated.

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