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FLEXIM temperature ultrasonic flowmeter application of research and analysis

FLEXIM temperature ultrasonic flowmeter application of research and analysis
Boiler energy efficiency testing is an important part of the boiler energy conservation, organic heat carrier boiler is an important part of the industrial boilers in China, particularly in the areas of printing and dyeing, chemical, textile and other industries, the proportion of organic heat carrier boiler. Organic fluid boiler energy efficiency test key is to accurately measure the flow rate of the high-temperature heat medium (high temperature HTF, boiler feedwater, dissolved salt), using the technology of high temperature ultrasonic flowmeter detector can be under the conditions of process pipe without cutting, measuring the organic fluid boiler high temperature medium flow.

In energy efficiency test, due to the high temperature HTF temperature is usually in the 250-320 degrees, the flow measurement is always a difficult problem. Usually the flowmeter such as turbine, vortex flowmeter would cause pressure loss in the test, and the measured temperature is generally about 120 degrees, is unable to meet the high temperature boiler flow measurement.

Industrial boiler energy efficiency test the ultrasonic flowmeter configuration requirements:

(1) The diameter range DN10-DN400 flow test can be completed;

(2) The precision of not less than 0.5%;

(3) temperature measuring range :0-200 degrees;

(4) The flow rate range :0.01-25m / s;

(5) Resolution: 0.00025m / s;

I introduced the German FLEXIM temperature ultrasonic flowmeter medium for two-way acoustic signals measured by the time difference measurement method to determine the flow rate of the medium, and high temperature waveguides with a dedicated sensor, can measure less than 400 degrees high temperature medium flowmeter solve an important test difficulty. And it is easy to install and maintain a small amount can be used for all acoustically conductive liquid flow measurement is a reliable organic heat carrier boiler medium flow measurement instruments.

, FLEXIM temperature ultrasonic flowmeter is in a specific boiler efficiency testing by the host, the high temperature wave guide (provided by the metal wave guide plate, the sensor fixtures, plumbing fixtures, the acoustic coupling sheet form), the sensor composition. It uses a unique double-UP technology and automatic adaptation of the signal processing techniques, through the use of high-temperature wave guide, the wave guide plate is passed to the sensor signals of people wall, while the cooling effect of the wave guide plate so that is generated between the sensor surface and the surface of the duct a temperature difference, effectively blocking the heat transfer inside protect the sensor is not exposed to high temperatures, in order to meet the requirements of high temperature flow measurement.

The site measurement parameter settings should note:

(1) medium speed of sound with temperature greater set to 700-800m / s, according to the usual operating temperature of the heat transfer medium, the speed of sound estimated range of British and debugging of the system, we need to re-adjust the sensor spacing, accurate sound velocity of the medium;

(2) organic heat carrier, metal pipes, non-corrosive, pipelines generally lined roughness is usually combined with the useful life of the pipe to be evaluated, usually selected 0.05-0.1mm;

(3) The design of the pipe wall thickness and the actual wall thickness deviation instrument parameter settings, deal with multi-point measurement of pipe wall thickness and outer diameter to ensure the accuracy of the parameter settings.

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