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ultrasonic sensor is calorimeter life of the key

ultrasonic sensor is calorimeter life of the key
Currently, almost all calorimeter enterprise in China have started to develop, produce ultrasonic heat meters. As can be seen in dozens of related research results from the past two years, reported the Ministry of Housing, the focus of most of the research focused on the flow meter mechanical structure of the base table (including the reflector and measuring tube segment) design, and only a small amount involving sensor output signal processing; generally ignored the ultrasonic transducer device performance, and some even lack the necessary understanding of the main technical parameters.

First of all: about 60% of the heat meter enterprises in outsourcing ultrasonic transducer, not raised enough comprehensive technical performance parameters. More than half of the ultrasonic transducer manufacturing plant to provide the technical parameters manifest error; or too simple, the main parameter is not provided;, or unworthy of the name, a large deviation of measured results.

For example: almost all of the heat meter ultrasonic flowmeter are nominal center frequency transducer 1MHz. The measured results: only 30% to 1MHz (1000KHz) 5%; maximum deviation of more than 12%. May think: If you can compensate tuning circuit, used in pairs, the center frequency is not 1MHz (1000KHz) is also feasible;: The problem is that more than 80% of the production enterprises ignored other important parameters of the flowmeter ultrasonic transducer matching consistency; comprising: a capacitance, conductance, mechanical quality factor, impedance, etc.. Should know: These parameters will affect the temperature dependence of the propagation time of the ultrasonic wave in the water is the precision ultrasonic flowmeter. Under the same conditions, domestic and import flowmeter ultrasonic transducer measuring the results of these five static parameters: center frequency deviation: 1%; 4 parameter pairing deviation: 4%; domestic calorimeter flowmeter The ultrasonic transducer can reach this level are extremely rare. This gap, it can not be ignored!

Even good base table, and a signal processing circuit design, inferior and without the aging treatment of the ultrasonic transducer, not only reach the technical requirements, and may also occur in the measurement operation is such that the flow rate measurement of the calorimeter erratic and can not compensate for the change, so as to shorten the service life of the calorimeter.

There are some problems also appear, such as: an ultrasonic signal (including frequency and amplitude), the temperature dependence of the compensated then change over time, even with the pressure change; installation process will affect the stability of the performance is repeated to install the results vary widely ; piezoelectric ceramic measuring tube segment suppress generation of hard-to-find cracks or broken sensor failure; same batch, the calorimeter performance test results produced by the same process but very different; Some ultrasonic heat meters in less than three years failure, the test results: neither circuit, the battery is not the problem of the pipe sections.

The above problems are caused by the design and manufacture of ultrasonic heat meters high priority. Ultrasonic sensor is calorimeter life of one of the most critical technology.

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