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Fully automatic closed Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Fully automatic closed Ultrasonic cleaning machine
Fully automatic closed Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is fully enclosed structure characteristics:
Cart - loading and unloading, the use of flexible
Single-arm robotic arm, each station cleaning time to adjust according to process requirements
Two solvent ultrasonic cleaning, steam bath wash and freeze-drying
Immersion ultrasonic shock board, ultrasonic power continuously adjustable ultrasonic frequency can be adjusted, with the scanning circuit, can be controlled separately.
Import and export at the top of the device has a ventilation device to prevent solvent emissions to the work environment
With wash basket rotating device to meet the subtle product cleaning requirements
Using self-priming pump add solvent to replace solvents convenient.
Cleaning process:
Cutting on ultrasonic material → coarse washed (rotation) → ultrasonic fine cleaning (rotating) → steam bath wash (rotation) → freeze-drying (rotation) → solvent distilled recycle →
Precious metal contacts, precision components and electronic connectors, PCB board, electrical vacuum devices.
Fully automatic closed Ultrasonic cleaning machine

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