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Plastic ultrasonic cleaner machine

Plastic ultrasonic cleaner machine
Plastic ultrasonic cleaner machine
Type:UCE-PUCM Plastic ultrasonic cleaner machine

Pieces of plastic automatic fully enclosed ultrasonic cleaning machine, using neutral water-based solvent and pure water as a cleaning agent, and environmental pollution. This equipment is suitable for the decontamination of the products of the industry.

◆ tank thicker SUS304 #, SUS316 # stainless steel plate imported stainless steel structure, the inner tank.
◆ chassis, door panels, using the framework of the the A3 material surface rust treatment.
◆ the use of state-of-the-art, mature cleaning process, PLC program control process automatically complete the cleaning steps to ensure the quality, saving labor.
◆ Adopt high "Q" value transducer Germany bonding process, ultrasonic output power is strong and stable.
◆ disposed heating and temperature of the cleaning agent automatic control thermostat device, temperature range :0-100 ℃.
◆ excited line structure, strong power, especially good uniformity, cleaning tank without ultrasound corners. .
★ according to user requirements of a variety of sizes, automatic ultrasonic cleaning process line.
★ our production equipment to make the shelf life of the warranty is one year after-sales service commitment.

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