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Ultrasonic vibrating screen

Ultrasonic vibrating screen
Ultrasonic vibrating screen
The ultrasonic vibration sieve is a simple, practical, and reliable screening system, is the most effective solution in the current network clogging. Fine sieve filter industry can be widely used in the pharmaceutical, metallurgy, chemical industry, mineral processing, food and other requirements of high precision screening filter effectively solve the reunion, static, strong absorption jam mesh screening problems, domestic sieve sub-industry is a major technological breakthrough.

Type Frequency(KHz) Input Power(W) Ultrasonic transducer
UCE-UV-100W 33K,35K 100W 1
UCE-UV-200W 33K,35K 200W 2
UCE-UV-300W 33K,35K 300W 3
Ultrasonic vibration sieve structural:

Ultrasonic vibrating screen power: 38KHz high frequency high power ultrasonic power. Built-in microcomputer chip, full digital automatic frequency tracking can be carried out according to the different states of the material, without manual adjustment, easy operation. Work long hours vibration pinene heat low, stable working status.
● HF connecting cable: cable connection between the ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic vibration sieve power.
● Connectors: air connector plug.
● transducer: high-performance ultrasonic conversion devices.
● ultrasonic grid: from the outside grid resonator.

Ultrasonic vibrating screen works:
The ultrasound screening system by the ultrasonic vibration sieve power HF connecting cable, the transducer, the resonator composed. High frequency electric power generating ultrasonic vibration sieve through transducer converts the longitudinal oscillation of the high-frequency sinusoidal form, these oscillation transmitted to the resonator so that the resonator resonance to the sieve surface, and then transmitted by the resonator vibration uniform. Do low-frequency vibrations in three-dimensional sieve materials, superimposed on the ultrasonic vibration, we can prevent mesh blockage, but also improve the screening of production and accuracy.

Ultrasonic vibrating screen Note:
Before using the ultrasonic vibration system, please read carefully the Note item, follow the instructions in order to avoid unnecessary damage to equipment.
Ultrasonic vibration sieve power input voltage AC 220V.
2 In the case to meet the production requirements, maximum vibration amplitude should not exceed 200μm.
3 that grid Stretching the grid does not load, do not open the ultrasonic vibration sieve power. Otherwise, it is likely to cause power over the flow and grid and transducer damage.
4 sieve must be tight, otherwise the impact ultrasonic output and Vibration effects.
5 transducer air plugs butt screws must be tightened with insulating tape package to prevent the intake of dust. Attention to the protection of this connector in use.
6 before starting the machine check change can plug cable nut locking transducer and the grid whether locking (locking efforts for the 40 to 50kg). Note HF cable connection between the chassis and the transducer protection in the course of HF connecting cable and transducer socket to pay attention to moisture, are not allowed to water connection plug and socket.
7 If the material conductive, lengthened ultrasonic HF connection cable, the ultrasonic vibration sieve power isolation and screening site, causing a short circuit to prevent the material into the power box.
8 screen changed, the grid inner ring (resonator) on the adhesive residue with a sharp wallpaper Daogua go, please do not use the angle grinder wheels grinding in order to prevent the destruction of resonator.
9 per set ultrasonic system comprising an ultrasonic vibrating sieve power supply, an HF connection cable, a transducer, a grid. Do not interchangeable with other manufacturers of ultrasound systems, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.Ultrasonic vibrating screen

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