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Piezoelectric ceramic shock wave generator system technology

Today, manufacturing is a new technology, new materials and new products are emerging and increasingly competitive (slightly) in the. Forming and modification technology and materials and green manufacturing has become a key issue in the development of advanced manufacturing technology, according towave inherent characteristics and successfully applied in other fields, this article piezoelectric ceramic shock applied to the manufacturing of nanocomposites. This paper focuses on the piezoelectric ceramic (abbreviated) of the key technologies of the system research and testing as follows: Chapter I(slightly) the emergence and development of the generator system, the main research contents and significance; the second chapter, elaborated one of the key technologies of the piezoelectric ceramic shock wave generator system - shock wave generator for piezoelectric ceramicdesign principles and methods, and piezoelectric ceramics, the transitional matching layer and bonding process; Chapter III elaborated on two of the key technologies of the piezoelectric ceramic shock wave generator system - shock generator excitation powerdesign, the same time, the incentive power amplifier circuit, the high-frequency signal generator and control; Chapter IV, the innovative use of anti-(slightly) designed a set of sound power measurement device, designed in this paper piezoelectric ceramicthe shock wave generator performance measurement and verification; Chapter 5, the shock wave generator using piezoelectric ceramic epoxy / SiO 2 nanocomposite dispersion and curing the basic test, nano-composites (slightly)exploration made ​​in the above study on the basis of research work and the ...

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