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PZT Tube UCE piezo

PZT Tube UCE piezo
tube Piezoelectric ceramic plate is a sound generating device, low power, small size, high impedance, high efficiency, but the distortion, mostly used in the buzzer and an alarm circuit. It utilizes the piezoelectric ceramic voltage under deformation to promote air audible.

The piezoelectric ceramic transducer principle is: When applying pressure or tension of such ceramic sheets, its ends will produce a charge of opposite polarity, forming a current through the loop. This effect is known as the piezoelectric effect. If using such a piezoelectric ceramic made ​​of the transducer is placed in water, then in the role of the acoustic wave, at both ends thereof will induce a charge, which is the acoustic receiver. Moreover, the piezoelectric effect is reversible, if applying an alternating electric field to the piezoelectric ceramic sheets, ceramic sheets will sometimes thinning sometimes thickened, while generating vibration, emits acoustic waves. Such the ultrasonic transmitter problems will solve.
PZT Tube UCE piezo
The characteristics of the tube Piezoelectric ceramic material having a piezoelectric effect, when an alternating voltage is applied between the poles of the piezoelectric ceramic sheets, it will produce the same frequency of the mechanical vibration. If the frequency of the alternating voltage in the audio range, we can hear it pushes air the sound. In this case, the piezoelectric ceramic sheet has played the role of the speaker.
PZT Tube UCE piezo
The piezoelectric effect is reversible. Piezoelectric ceramics subjected to mechanical vibration and deformation occurs, will produce a voltage between the two poles. Example, if we are facing the piezoelectric ceramic sheet speech, it is subject to the vibration of the sound waves which occur before and after bending, and will generate a corresponding audio voltage between two electrodes of the piezoelectric ceramics. This put the sound conversion into an electrical signal, the piezoelectric ceramic sheets and play a role in the microphone.

The piezoelectric ceramic sheets have their own inherent resonant frequency. Its geometric size is smaller, the higher the resonant frequency. For example, the piezoelectric ceramic plate of a diameter of 20mm, its natural resonance frequency of approximately 4kHz. If both ends of the piezoelectric ceramic sheets with the alternating voltage frequency and the natural resonance frequency of the same, the sounds of the piezo electric ceramic sheet is most loud.

Piezoelectric ceramics small size, light weight, high reliability, power consumption province, and low price.

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