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Piezoelectric ceramic transformer

Piezoelectric ceramic transformer
Piezoelectric ceramic transformer
piezoelectric ceramic transformer is through the power --- the mechanical energy --- energy secondary energy conversion, low voltage input, high-voltage output of the new chip devices. Its basic structure of a variety of forms according to shape, the electrode and the direction of polarization, wherein the structure of the piezoelectric transformer of the long strip-type most commonly used, and its structure is simple and easy to produce, and has a higher boost ratio.

Piezoelectric ceramic transformer Feature
Small piece of
Boost is high
Electromagnetic interference
Do not burn, and are not afraid of a short circuit

Piezoelectric ceramic transformer Applications
Negative ion generator
Plasma generator
Ozone generator
Small high-voltage power supply

Piezoelectric ceramic transformer Specification

规格 额定功率(W)    升压比(Vout/Vin)                    外形尺寸  输入端电容   (nf)  损耗    谐振频率 负荷(KΩ)   温升
     长      宽      厚
SPT4907R  6.0  5.8±15% 47.70±0.30mm 7.00±0.25mm 2.85±0.15mm 550±20% ≤40 67.9KHz±3% 100  ≤2

Asymmetric multilayer piezoelectric ceramic transformer

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