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Nickel electrode piezoelectric ceramic

Nickel electrode piezoelectric ceramic
Nickel electrode piezoelectric ceramic
This utility model discloses a piezoelectric ceramic element: the piezoelectric ceramic element of the nickel-phosphorus alloy electrode, it is in the piezoelectric ceramic substrate is covered with a nickel-phosphorus alloy electrode, the electrode of nickel-phosphorus alloy plating layer of a titanium film or zirconiumfilm. The utility model has strong adhesion and a high degree of wear resistance, strength, corrosion resistance, significantly extend the scaling time. Liquid atomization can be widely used, especially for easy corrosion electrode, easy to scale the atomization of the liquid, such as atomization of the oil and water, drugs, soilless cultivation, a large industrial humidifier, home humidifier, etc..
Nickel electrode piezoelectric ceramicNickel electrode piezoelectric ceramic

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