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Piezoelectric Gyroscope transducer film

Piezoelectric Gyroscope transducer film
Piezoelectric Gyroscope transducer film
Using the piezoelectric effect of the material (quartz crystal) to the made device. The majority of the structure of the piezoelectric device by the electrode, the piezoelectric sheet, the bracket and the housing. Wherein the piezoelectric sheet may be the shape of the wafer, a long strip, rod, cylinder, etc.. A wide range of applications of piezoelectric devices. When the signal frequency close to the inherent frequency of the piezoelectric sheet, a piezoelectric device by the inverse piezoelectric effect to produce mechanical resonance, the resonance frequency is mainly determined by the size and shape of the piezoelectric sheet.

Also known as the piezoelectric angular velocity sensor, a new type of navigation equipment, multi-structure shaped Zhenliang
Piezoelectric devices
Piezoelectric Gyroscope transducer film
Piezoelectric devices
Style. It has a metal beam cross section is almost square, the paste four piezoelectric transducer (FIG. 3) in the beam. Metal beams with constant coefficient of elasticity alloy material, transducer Used for high electromechanical coupling coefficient of the ceramic material. The input electrical signal, by means of the inverse piezoelectric effect of the metal beams generated in the yz plane as the neutral plane of the bending vibration in the drive transducer. Beam at any point in velocity vx. The beam simultaneously Youyi angular velocity ωz about the z-rotation, the respective points of the beam by the Coriolis role, thereby causing the neutral plane of bending vibration to xz. This vibration by the piezoelectric effect, so that the read transducer output electrical signal, the amplitude of the signal is proportional to the angular velocity ωz, and therefore can be used to determine the size of the angular velocity ωz. In another both surfaces of the beam also pasted with the feedback transducer and the damping transducer, their role is to maintain the stability of the amplitude of the metal and output dynamic good characteristics. The piezoelectric gyro there is no high speed rotating parts, and thus has a small power consumption, long life, wide dynamic range, small size and high reliability. Piezoelectric devices
Piezoelectric ceramic devices, there are many kinds, used in various fields. The use of ceramic high electromechanical coupling
Piezoelectric devices

Piezoelectric devices
The piezoelectric ceramic measuring device characteristics and design of the joint effects of high dielectric constant and high Q value, can easily measure the past parameters are difficult to measure by other methods. For example, it is possible to measure the pressure of the railway sleepers, pressure within the oil circuit breakers, the pressure inside the shock wave tube, coal trenches stent, the pressure, etc., like the relay contacts and the individual's pulse, and slight pressure can also be measured. It can measure the dynamic forces can also measure the static force, and higher measurement range and accuracy. Additional mass load on the ceramic plate can be made of the accelerometer. Accelerometer attached to the integrating circuit could constitute vibration meter, you can use it to measure the crust and the building of low-frequency vibration. Bonding horn type piece of metal on the ceramic pipe, so the amplitude increases, can be used to determine the metal wear and fatigue tests and measurement of the film, the adhesive strength. In addition, the piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic transducer in the sound of water and medical applications are increasing.

Development direction
The development direction of the piezoelectric devices: ① improved temperature stability of piezoelectric devices; ② improve buzzer and sent to the receiver the sound quality to adapt to the needs of the computers, vending machines, electronic translation machine and other equipment - machine dialogue; ③ Explore function of simulated bio-polymer piezoelectric device.Piezoelectric Gyroscope transducer film

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