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Ultrasonic testing using transducer film

Ultrasonic testing using transducer film
Ultrasonic testing using transducer film
The ultrasonic testing using the transducer damping, is coupled with a heavy load on the back of the piezoelectric wafer matching material, the purpose of the piezoelectric wafer vibration acoustic wave on its back, is absorbed by the attenuation of the damping materials to be. So try to not sound waves reflected back, which reduces the transducer Yu Zhen time narrow the the start pulse accounted wide and high resolution flaw detection, but the damping the size and level of detection sensitivity is contradictory. Therefore, the damping material match must be taken into account. Course, according to the formula: wherein R-reflection coefficient Z1 a damping material acoustic impedance Z0 of a piezoelectric wafer acoustic impedance Ideally for when hexyl one movable, the reflection coefficient is zero the best, but this is not easy to achieve. During practice, now mostly used tungsten powder and an epoxy resin as a basic damping material, using a different damping material ratio of different piezoelectric wafer material, or also requires the use of different damping on the different frequencies on the same piezoelectric wafer material. material ratio considerations to meet the requirements of the testing object. Workers making the damping material of the damping material of tungsten powder and epoxy resin as the base material, and then adding the rubber, a plasticizer and curing agent, can be used, under different requirements ratio: (1) the ingredients reconcile fully pound mix, direct watering in the probe housing than significant due to tungsten powder and let it free-falling, become a gradient. (2) the ingredient mix thoroughly fully exposing the mix, and then directly poured within the probe housing, and subjected to centrifugation, to increase the density of tungsten powder near the wafer backside. (3) with 2 and mix thoroughly exposing watering in the mold of straight (Jane diameter, depending on the ratio of the chip area slightly smaller point), then compression molding hydraulic press.
Ultrasonic testing using transducer film
Ultrasonic testing using transducer film

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