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B-ultrasonic piezoelectric ceramic chip

B-ultrasonic piezoelectric ceramic chip
B-ultrasonic piezoelectric ceramic chip
Piezoelectric ceramic chip is the key material for ultrasound diagnostic probe, and its performance directly affects the ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus probe sensitivity, volume and life performance. For a long time, high-performance B-ultrasound probe with a piezoelectric ceramic chip has been dominated by a handful of large companies in the United States, Japan, domestic piezoelectric ceramic manufacturers usually provide some low-end products.
B-ultrasonic piezoelectric ceramic chip
In the Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, since 2000, has been committed to a high performance B ultrasonic probe with a piezoelectric ceramic chip research and development work, has developed a series of B-probe with a piezoelectric ceramic material, the dielectric constant from 1800,2200 3200,3800,4500,5000,5500,6000 series, through the continuous improvement of the production process, the product has a high induced density, high d33, fine grain, excellent features, is now mass-produced variety, size B-piezoelectric wafer nearly 3000, some products replace imported products. B ultrasound probe manufacturers have good use of effects and achieved good economic and social benefits.

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