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piezoelectric ceramic materials

piezoelectric ceramic materials
The piezoelectric phenomenon 100 years ago, the Curie brothers discovered in the study of quartz. So, what is the piezoelectric effect? When you ignite the gas or water heater, there is a piezoelectric ceramic has quietly for your service time. Manufacturers such piezoelectric ignition device, hidden in a piezoelectric ceramic, when the user presses the spring of ignition, the gear put the pressure applied to the piezoelectric ceramic, making it to generate high voltages, and thus will electrical energy to lead the exports of gas discharge. Thus, the gas was spark ignited a. This function of the piezoelectric ceramic is called the piezoelectric effect.

piezoelectric ceramic Materials Category:

Inorganic piezoelectric materials

Divided into piezoelectric crystals and piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric crystal piezoelectric single crystal; piezoelectric ceramic refers to a piezoelectric polycrystalline. The piezoelectric ceramic mixing, forming the essential ingredients of raw materials, high temperature sintering, fine grains obtained by solid state reaction between the powder and the sintering process rule sets made of polycrystalline. The piezoelectric ceramic called piezoelectric ceramics, in fact, ferroelectric ceramics. Ferroelectric domains exist in this ceramic grain, ferroelectric domain reverse the spontaneous polarization direction parallel to the 180 domain and the spontaneous polarization direction perpendicular to each other 90 domains composed of these domain in artificial polarization (Shi strengthen under the conditions of the DC electric field), spontaneous polarization direction of the external electric field fully aligned and keep the remanent polarization after the withdrawal of the external electric field, so the macro piezoelectric. Such as: barium titanate BT, lead zirconate titanate of PZT, modified lead zirconate titanate, partial niobate lead niobate lead-barium the lithium PBLN, modified lead titanate PT. The successful development of such materials to promote the acoustic transducer, piezoelectric pass the piezoelectric material
Improve and enhance the sensor's performance of various piezoelectric devices.

Organic piezoelectric material

Also known as piezoelectric polymers such as polyvinyl fluoride (PVDF) (film) partial and the other as the representative of other organic piezoelectric (film) material. Such materials and material flexibility, low density, low impedance and high-voltage voltage constant (g), attracted worldwide attention, and develop very quickly, ultrasound measurements of the sound of water, pressure sensor, ignition detonated access to applications. The downside is that the low piezoelectric constant (d), to launch as an active transducer under great restrictions. Transducer
The third category is a composite piezoelectric material, such material is composed of sheet, rod, rod, or powder piezoelectric material embedded in the organic polymer substrate material. Has been widely used in the field of acoustic, electro-acoustic, ultrasonic, medical. If it is made of the underwater acoustic transducer, not only has high hydrostatic response rate, and impact resistance, easily damaged and can be used with different depth.

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