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ultrasonic transducer power supply

ultrasonic transducer power supply
ultrasonic transducer power supply
: mainly used in ultrasonic cleaning machines shake head, shake the child, the transducer provides power signal and then
 Enlarge it to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, resulting in high-frequency vibration.
 Ultrasonic cleaning machine generator can be divided into common type and several types of phenotype; based on the ultrasonic frequency can be divided into
 Low-frequency (40KHZ below) and high frequency (68KHZ above), according to the power supply can be divided into self-excited, and it excited; I
 Are in the ultrasonic cleaning machine industry for over 20 years of production experience, according to the manufacturer's requirements and the use of different environments
 The continuous updating of technology to improve product quality and appearance, does not require to do the best, only requires to do better,
 Product Features:
 1 brand new design the perfect anti-corrosion, can be applied to different environments.
 (2) independently developed a unique ultrasonic cleaning machine generator technology to meet customer needs.
 3 using computer digital control technology, you can display the power, frequency, modular circuit design, stable power output.
 4 selectable frequency 28KHZ, 40KHZ, 68KHZ, 80KHZ, 128KHZ, 200KHZ or higher frequency.
 5 ultrasonic power can be divided into: 600W, 2400W, 30000W or higher ultrasonic wave power.
 6 full protection (overcurrent, overtemperature protection, overvoltage protection, dust protection cabinet exterior corrosion, etc.), long service life.
 7 cleaning time can be set to change, power adjustable digital display, digital display features such as adjustable frequency.
 8 can be designed according to customer requirements, manufacturing different frequency, power generator.
 9 automatic broadband scans, can select a different frequency band width, to eliminate standing waves and improve the distribution of ultrasonic energy, eliminate blind cleaning. With adjustable frequency and frequency to compensate for such special exclusive use of the advanced features.
 11 remote control system can be connected through the network operation process.
ultrasonic transducer power supply
ultrasonic transducer power supply




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