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Ultrasonic plastic welding technology/UCE Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic plastic welding technology thermoplastic welding technology is generally considered irreversible. A few processes such as induction welding can produce reversible assembly. As regards the choice of method should be made in the beginning of the design of the parts, because the welding methods may be important to the design requirements of the workpiece, and also a significant difference between different welding methods.
Hot air welding technology is usually used to weld plastic pipe, sheet or semi-finished products instead of injection molding parts. But many thermoplastic molded articles, especially thermoplastic automotive disk repair hot air welding technology, another hot-air welded sometimes used to prepare plastic-like moldings. Ultrasonic welding of thermoplastic parts is the most common method is ultrasonic welding. This method is the use of low amplitude, high frequency (ultrasonic) vibration energy of the surface friction and molecular heat required for generating connected to the welding of thermoplastic parts. (Sinusoidal ultrasonic vibration) ultrasonic welding occurred in 20 of the 50 kHz frequency range, the its ships amplitude range for 15-60um. Frequency up to 15kHz low (high amplitude) of the sound is sometimes used for larger workpieces or softer material.
The welding process typically occurs within 0.5-1.5s. The welding process variables include welding, welding head position and welding pressure. The ultrasonic welding equipment typically used in welding, the small size of the thermoplastic parts, and the great availability of multi-point welding parts. Ultrasonic welding method according to the welding or weld location of collapse distance or the welding energy control. Also provide additional control of the welding pressure and cooling time. Ultrasonic welding equipment is not generally 20kHz is running in the frequency of 40kHz, 20kHz device more commonly.

Contemporary society, a variety of plastic products, has penetrated into all areas of people's daily life, but also been widely applied to aviation, shipbuilding, automobiles, toys, electronics and other industries. However, due to the limitations of the injection molding process and other factors, a considerable part of the complex shape of the plastic products can not be an injection molding, which requires bonding, plastic bonding and thermal bonding process used for many years and rather backward, not only inefficient, and bonding agents have some toxicity, causing environmental pollution and labor protection and other issues. This process can not be applied to the development needs of the modern plastics industry, So a novel plastics processing technology - ultrasonic plastic welding its high efficiency, high-quality, beautiful, energy-saving and other advantages come to the fore.

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine for welding plastic products, which do not fill plus any bonding agents, fillers or solvents, nor consume a large amount of heat source, easy to operate, welding speed, welding, high strength, high production efficiency. Therefore, the ultrasonic welding technology becomes more widely available.

, Ultrasonic plastic welding machine works.

When the thermoplastic plastic contact surface, the ultrasonic wave generating high-frequency vibration of tens of thousands of times per second, this reaches a certain amplitude of high frequency vibration, the ultrasonic energy transmitted to the weld zone by weldment, due to the welding area two welding of large acoustic impedance at the interface, thereby generating local high temperature. Also, due to the poor thermal conductivity of plastic, for a moment, can not be distributed, gathered in the welding area, resulting in two plastic contact surface rapidly melting, plus a certain pressure to get together. Let the pressure for a few seconds, When the ultrasonic stopping, to solidify forming, thus forming a strong chain, to achieve the purpose of welding, the welding strength can be close to the raw strength. Ultrasonic plastic welding is good or bad depends on the amplitude of the transducer welding head, applied pressure and welding time, welding time and welding head pressure is adjustable amplitude is determined by the transducer and horn. These three quantities with each other to a suitable value, when the energy exceeds a suitable value, the plastic melting, easy deformation of the welding object; if the energy is small, easy to weld, the applied pressure is not reached. This optimum pressure is the length of the side of the welded portion with an edge per 1 mm of the top pressure plot. Ultrasonic plastic welding

Welding method ultrasonic vibration of the ultrasonic welding head with the transfer to the weldment, two weldment large acoustic impedance, resulting in local temperature, interface melting of the weldment. Under a certain pressure, the two weldments achieve beautiful, fast, solid welding results.

2, buried interpolation nuts or other metal you want to insert the plastic parts. First, the ultrasonic wave transmitted to the metal, metal objects embedded in the molded plastic, while the plastic is melted by high-speed vibration, after curing, its completion buried inserted.

3, riveting as wishing to metal and plastic, or two different plastic bonding, ultrasonic riveting, weldments hard brittle, beautiful, strong.

4, spot welding using the small welding head two points of large plastic products welding, or row of dentate welding head direct pressure on the two plastic parts, so as to achieve the effect of spot welding.

5, the molding method using ultrasonic plastic workpiece instant melt molding, solid plastic when the plastic solidification of metal or other material can.

6, specially designed for the welding head and the base excision, when the plastic parts injection, direct pressure on the plastic branches, to achieve the removal of the effect of ultrasound conduction.

Third, from the composition and role of the acoustic wave plastic welding machine

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine by a pneumatic drive system, control system, ultrasonic generator, change can and tool head and mechanical devices.

1, pneumatic drive system

Including: Guo Hu, pressure reducing valve, lubricator, commutator, throttle valve, cylinder and so on.

Work when the first air compressor-driven stroke cylinder to drive the ultrasonic transducer vibration system moves up and down, power Pressure Pressure in the small and medium-power ultrasonic welding under welding requires the set.

2, the control system

The control system consists of the time relay or IC timer.

The main functions are: First, the pneumatic drive system work, making welding open gas line valve timing control, cylinder pressure welding head down, press and hold the object to be welded to a certain pressure, when welding after holding pressure for some time , and control system of the gas line valve commutation, the welding head back up reset; to control ultrasonic generator working hours, the system makes the entire welding process automation, operation start button generates a trigger pulse can automatically finish In this whole process of welding. The sequence of the entire control system: Power start a trigger control signal pneumatic drive cylinder pressure welding head down and hold welding to trigger ultrasonic generator work, transmitting ultrasound and maintain a certain welding time to remove the ultrasonic emission continue to maintain a certain pressure retreat pressure welding head end of the pick-up welding.

3, the ultrasonic generator

1) power ultrasonic plastic welding machine, generator signal PLL frequency automatic tracking circuit, the output frequency of the generator is basically the same resonant frequency transducer.

2) Power 500W ultrasonic plastic welding machine generator using a self-oscillating power oscillator, but also has a certain frequency tracking capability.

Acoustic systems, ultrasonic plastic welding machine

1) transducer

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine with acoustic system includes three parts: a driving part of the fixed part 3 part. In the above three components, the drive core, ships using the clamping bolt longitudinal vibration transducer, wherein the half-wavelength of the longitudinal transducer with a quarter of the wavelength of the longitudinal transducer, the half-wavelength longitudinal vibration with half-wavelength concentrator connected to form a full wavelength plastic welding transducer, while the longitudinal direction of the quarter-wavelength transducer is connected with a quarter-wavelength concentrator, to form a half-wavelength transducer.

2) the tool head

On the type of object to be welded need to have the type of tool head, regardless of the welding of the near-field transmission welding, only half a wavelength of the tool head in order to make the welding end surface to achieve the maximum amplitude. The tool head of the tool head, the band amplitude amplifying and without amplitude amplifying two types of plastic welding machine with the acoustic system used in the materials usually of aluminum alloy, and its end surface is plated carbide, larger power is also useful when a titanium alloy material into the material fatigue strength than aluminum more than doubled.

Fourth, ultrasonic plastic welding machine models and specifications

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine due to the use of different occasions and welding materials, the size of the weld size, its also a wide range of specifications. The output power from tens of watts of manual welding machine to the mainframe of a few kilowatts of frequency in the range of 15KHz to 40KHz.Ultrasonic plastic welding technology

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