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Ultrasonic metal welding technology/UCE ultrasonic

The principle of ultrasonic metal welding

Ultrasonic metal welding is discovered by accident in the 1830s. Current spot welding electrode ultrasonic vibration test and found without current can also be welded on, resulting in the development of ultrasonic metal cold welding technology. Ultrasonic welding detected early, but so far, its role

The mechanism is not well understood. It is similar to a friction welding, but differentiated, ultrasonic welding is a very short time, the temperature is below the recrystallization; it is not the same with the pressure welding, because the static pressure plus a small pressure welding. Usually that in the initial stages of the ultrasonic welding process, the tangential vibration

Out of metal oxides on the surface, the roughened surface of the projecting portion and the the repeated micro welding and the process of destruction of the contact area increases, while the weld zone temperature, plastically deformed in the weldment interface. Close to each other so that the contact pressure under atoms gravitational

Can occur when the role of the distance, i.e. the formation of the solder joint. Welding time is too long, or ultrasonic amplitude Assembly so that the welding strength is decreased, or even destruction.

Ultrasonic metal welding characteristics

Ultrasonic metal welding characteristics: no flux and outside heating, not deformed due to heat, there is no residual stress, the weldments surface before welding process less demanding. Not only the same kind of metal, but can also be soldered between heterogeneous metals. Flakes or filaments welding thick.

The ultrasonic welding Orleans conductive material less energy than current welding, commonly used in the soldering of the leads of the transistors or integrated circuits. For seal welding of drugs and explosive materials, to avoid the general welding dissolved objects contaminated drugs, will not explode due to heat and so on.

Ultrasonic metal welding applications

International use, ultrasonic metal welding four series: spot welding, seam welding, sealing, wiring harness, widely used in various fields: automotive, refrigeration, solar, batteries, electronics

Ultrasonic metal welding for products:
A. Power battery positive and negative multi-layer welding; nickel mesh of nickel-metal hydride batteries and nickel plate welding

B. lithium battery, polymer battery, the copper foil and the nickel plate welding; aluminum foil and aluminum welding; welding of aluminum and nickel plate

C. automotive wiring harness; wire and head molding; each wire welding; many each wire welded into a knot; copper, aluminum conversion

D. wires, cables, and were kind of electronic components, contacts, connectors, terminal welding

E. solar cells, flat solar absorber plate, aluminum-plastic composite pipe seam welding, copper, aluminum stitching

The F. electromagnetic switch, no fuse switch high current contacts, the contacts, dissimilar metal sheet welding

G. refrigerators, air conditioners and other industry brass and sealing; the vacuum device copper, aluminum tube sealing and cutting water, air tightness.Ultrasonic metal welding technology

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