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Ultrasonic plastic welding process in the textile industry

Ultrasonic plastic welding process in the textile industry
For the textile industry customers, the ultrasonic energy is an important tool for fabric and film material forming and processing. Ultrasonic to bring the most significant change for the textile industry is one with a "seamless" Ultrasound stapling process to replace the traditional sewing methods.

No Xi Nike is a professional ultrasonic equipment manufacturers, has nearly 60 years of experience in services for the textile industry. We have the ability to respond to any challenges and provide the most effective industrial solutions. And starting from the initial production plan to seek the best production technology and production equipment.

Textile materials for use in ultrasonic technology -
The materials include those suitable for application of ultrasonic machining 100% synthetic fibers, such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, certain polyethylene, modified acrylic resins, vinyl compounds, carbamate compounds, film, coated paper and so on. It also comprises mixing 35-50% of non-synthetic fibers of the synthetic fiber component.

Ultrasound is applied to the advantage of the textile industry -
- Fast, economic, high strength suture
- Without the use of aids (such as: fasteners, glue, paper clips, etc.)
- To ensure consistent results throughout the production process
- No fee to warm up and recovery, and without consuming expensive cost to maintain the temperature
- Independent tailoring and stitching, no burrs
- Clean, eliminating the use with toxic adhesive and solvent
- Hemming the eye of a needle, you can block chemicals, pathogens and tiny harmful particles penetrate

Conventional ultrasonic machining processes -
Ultrasonic heat sealing or sewing:
This process can be used to form a continuous seam applications such as the production of protective clothing, blinds or used for processing similar to the button-hole, collar stays, system with immersion welding. Stand-alone "sewing equipment or standard ultrasonic welding machine can achieve this process.

Drum welding laminated:
No Xi Nike pioneering the use of ultrasound drum of multiple wide-mesh woven or nonwoven synthetic material to the bonding layer bonding process. The process is multilayered fibrous material in a rotating printing cylinder, and a row of welding head through the formation of a sufficient width of the mesh pattern. This method without the aid of any chemical adhesives and other supporting material can be processed into a unique fabric can not be achieved by other bonding methods. Bedspreads, mattresses, disposable medical supplies are available this method of processing ultrasonic plastic welding process in the textile industry

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