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application of ultrasonic on the biological

ltrasound biological role of the different levels of complexity of the effect and mechanism. Ultrasound solution of biological macromolecules, especially DNA role, mainly degradation, leading to DNA fragmentation, the mechanism may be cavitation. Strong ultrasound can lead to rupture of the membrane, the membrane surface charge to reduce or membrane permeability changes. Biological tissue ultrasound has a relatively high absorption and low thermal conductivity, easy to cause the temperature to rise, which can lead to vascular dilation or contraction, so that changes in blood pressure. High-intensity focused ultrasound irradiation can destroy tumor cells or inhibit their growth, and the appropriate intensity of stimulation can promote tissue growth. Ultrasound energy conversion in biological media and its relaxation and frequency are closely related with thermal effects. Ultrasonic radiation pressure and sound pressure led to the commotion, the effect of friction thus affecting the biological structure and function. The ultrasound is induced biochemical effects can be considered is the role of the two. The biological effects of ultrasound mechanical vibration caused by ultrasound ultrasound diagnosis and treatment. The cell is the basic unit of structure and function of organisms) nature inanimate objects and inanimate objects. Inanimate objects called organisms, called non-living inanimate objects. Bio is all metabolism objects. Example: animal, plant, microorganism, virus, or cell, a green leaf, for some branches Activity heart, reproductive cells, etc.. About more than 300,000 plants on the earth, animals, some more than 1.5 million. Existing animals only the original one-tenth of the animals on the planet. Variety of organisms not only to maintain the sustainable development of nature, and is the basis of human survival and development. As the state of the middle and high school subjects. Biology (Biology) is the study of the phenomenon of life and life activities of the discipline. It is the foundation of agriculture, forestry, medicine and environmental science. It is the dominant subjects of the 21st century. Social development, the progress of human civilization, improved quality of life of individuals, have to rely on the development and application of biology. Of human creatures too important, the lives of people everywhere can not be separated from the biological. Substance Composition: refers to the elements and compounds.
(1) The compounds of proteins and nucleic acids, wherein the protein is a major life activity of commitment, and nucleic acids are the carriers of genetic information, they are life activities of polymer material. (Some viral proteins, such as prions)
(2) elements are divided into a large number of elements and trace elements, a large number of elements CHONPSK Ca, plays a significant role in the activities of life, the trace elements with a small amount of the role of the characteristics of large.

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