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Solar panels using ultrasonic welding characteristics

Solar panels using ultrasonic welding characteristics
Solar panels ultrasonic welding machine adopts microcomputer control, electronic tuning frequency power continuously adjustable, LCD display, simple operation, stable and reliable; welding firm consistency, weldment welding solid surface, high strength, aesthetics, environmental protectionand so on. Easy operation, built-in electronic protection circuit, safe to use for similar welding of metals, non-ferrous metals implementation of the single-point or multi-point welding; widely used in batteries and metal products and solar industry.

The entire board of the solar panels scroll ultrasonic welding machine welding process (artificial feeding, the equipment automatic welding), follow these steps:

1, the workpiece by hand (copper and brass) into the lower tooling equipment workbench;
2, press the device starts switching. The device automatically copper plate and brass pressed, roll welding start;
3, after the end of veneer collector plate welding equipment automatically clamping device opens and automatically move a workpiece position (moving distance based on the distance between the brass random adjustment), the next start of welding. And so will need to weld the number gradually;
4, after the completion of the welding equipment automatically open all clamping device, and automatically under the tooling to its original position;
5, the operator will be welded workpiece remove welding is completed.

Solar panels ultrasonic welding machine using high-frequency vibration wave transmitted to the surface of the welded metal (copper and brass), and in the case of pressure, so that the fusion between the molecular layer is formed by the friction between two metal surfaces, an ultrasonic seam welding system installation equipment gantry to roll welding system in the gantry X-axis direction, movement the gantry below the table to do the Y-axis direction, complete width of 1-2 meters welding.

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