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High-precision ultrasonic welding machine applications

High-precision ultrasonic welding machine applications
High-precision ultrasonic welding machine welding precision plastic objects will use the equipment, such as electronic components, lighter, USB port welding, with the changes in consumption concept, aesthetics and quality brands of consumer products will also be moreand more important, is the role played because of this, high-precision ultrasonic welding machine will become increasingly important, and more and more high-precision ultrasonic welding machine applications.

Present high-precision ultrasonic welding machine main application areas are as follows:
Toys: remote control travel, plastic dolls, water guns, etc.
Electrical Industry: Transformer (AC adapter) batteries, electronic rectifier, switch plugs, relays, etc.
Appliance industry: washing machine balance ring, steam iron, remote control, wind vane
Make-up industry: lipstick case, cream case, cosmetic box, etc.
Food industry: food containers, thermos, lunch boxes, etc.
Stationery Industry: PP instrument holder, penholder, staplers, ink cartridges
The electronics industry: cassette shell, computer, electronic watches, video disk, disk slice, ribbons, etc.

With the enlargement of the field of application of the plastic, with the advent of new types of products, high-precision ultrasonic welding machine applications will more and more.

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