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Ultrasonic welding machine mold debugging steps

⑴ first opened the the ultrasonic device work pressure source to ensure that the equipment normal barometer index
⑵ special wrench to remove the equipment on the original welding mold, ultrasonic welding products mold (clockwise loose fitted need to remember to tighten)
⑶ switched ultrasonic device power, open the Start button, wait five seconds, turn off the power
⑷ Then, press and hold the sonic detection button on the controller, to hear the machine issue ultrasound (sound should be crisp, free the hoarse and excess noise), the hoarseness or screaming, you must check the mold is broken or loose and take countermeasures
⑸ release the the rack next two fastening handle, shake the machine head to a certain height (product height)
⑹ turn off the gas source (pressure controller to adjust the air pressure is "zero")
⑺ welded on the bottom die, and to ensure that the clamping
⑻ pulled down the entire mold oscillation cylinder, so that the upper mold close to the bottom mold, shaking the head lifter, bonded to the upper molded product, and to maintain the product and the upper and lower molds anastomosis
⑼ added to the air pressure 0.1mpa, select switch to manual, two green start button is pressed, the mold down, and hold the product
⑽ shake the lifter, the limit screws and oscillation cylinder to maintain the 1MM distance (welding products according to the needs of plus or minus)
⑾ tighten the rack fastening handle, fixed bottom mold, press the red emergency stop button, the nose to rise
⑿ select switch automatically adjust the welding parameters of a good product, ready to produce

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