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Ultrasonic welding machine is how it works

Ultrasonic welding machine is how it works
Ultrasonic plastic welding machine works
Ultrasonic plastic welding works: the machine will power through the ultrasound transducer transformed into ultrasound energy (the frequency beyond the human auditory threshold of high-frequency mechanical vibration energy), the energy conduction through the welding head to the plastic workpiece per second after melting million times on the ultrasound frequency and the amplitude of the plastic workpiece joints intense friction. The transient pressure maintained on the workpiece after the vibration stops two weldment the molecular link solidification integrally. Usually welding time is less than 1 second, and the welding strength can be obtained with the body comparable. KCH series ultrasonic plastic welding machine can be used for butt welding of thermoplastics, to replace welding head can also be based on the needs of the customers, used for riveting and welding, spot welding, embedding resection processing.

Second, the rotational friction plastic welding machine is how it works
Rotating friction plastics welding machine is generally used for welding the two round thermoplastics workpiece. Welding, a workpiece is fixed on the bottom die, and the other workpiece in the surface of the workpiece is fixed to the rotation motion. Due to a certain pressure on the two workpieces, the heat generated by friction between the workpiece so that the contact surfaces of the two workpieces melt and form a forbidden combination of solid and confined.

Third, hot plate welding machine is how it works
The hot plate welding machine by a temperature controlled heating plate to weld plastic parts. Welding, the heating plate is placed between the two plastic parts, and when the workpiece live close to the heating plate, the plastic begins to melt. In a pre-set heating time has elapsed, will reach a certain degree of melting of the workpiece surface of the plastic, then the workpiece to split the heated plate is removed, followed by closing the two workpieces together, when it reaches a certain welding time and after completion of the entire welding process, in the welding depth.

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