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ultrasonic vehicle tank welding method

ultrasonic vehicle tank welding method
Automotive fuel tanks in the process of long-term use, often due to vehicle bumps or corrosion Breakage leakage. In addition to the small crack on, the uneven force large at soldering or adhesive can be used to plug, General Electric Welding repair. But this has been mounted over the containers of petroleum products, we must strictly abide by the rules, to strengthen security measures, there would be disastrous consequences in the welding repair.
Of particular note is that the fuel tank must be thoroughly cleaned after welding for petroleum products (especially gasoline) strong penetration, such as casual cleaning petroleum gas molecules are difficult to remove. In welding, flame ignited the remaining combustible gas mixture in the tank, it will cause an explosion.

The general petrol tank commonly used cleaning method:

1. Exhausted gasoline to remove the tank, filling most of the water tank and then into the gasoline tank, the boiler steam duct into the water from the fuel filler opening, so that the petrol tank of the water to boiling for about 1 hour, so that the gum and dirt floating on the water and was washed away, so twice can.

The petrol tank 2. Washed with hot water and then compressed air, in order to clear its internal gasoline vapors, and finally an aqueous solution containing 10% sodium hydroxide and then placed in the fuel tank immersion. Rinse with water immersion after its internal and external, if its external corrosion, net wire brush.

If you do not have the above conditions also rinse with water petrol tank. Pipes inserted into the tank port, to hit open oil bolts and float mouth, the continuous flushing pressure water about five days, until the smell less than gasoline smell before welding. Cleaning the fuel tank, then check the sealing. : Blocked first petrol tank orifice with rubber plug, and then immersed in water to enter the fuel tank to the 117.6 ~ 147kPa pressure compressed air from the fuel tank pipe joints at the air coming out is leaking part. The Department of paint scrape vulnerabilities little available soldering loopholes too large welding applying patches. Application of gas welding should be filled in the petrol tank of cold water to prevent an explosion. The Welding with Cuodao setback flat welding at, and then high-pressure air tightness test gasoline tank, welding good indeed after loading use. This will not only ensure the safety of production, but also ensures that the quality of the welding of the petrol tank.

Automotive electrical welders jobsites, must be kept dry, clean, good ventilation and natural light (or illumination), the area shall not be less than 4 square meters; walls and around the inflammable and explosive materials, in this way can we reduce worker fatigue improve labor efficiency, and ensure safe production. Welding should pay attention to the danger of fire, molten metal spatter and heat welding rod head are likely to fall into the combustible material and cause a fire. Local welding repair the car, removed the isolation should first petrol tank, so as not to Mars will fuel detonated an accident.

In order to prevent the risk of electric shock, automotive electrical welder good protection in operation. Dressed dry clean overalls and insulated shoes; the shell weldment welding machine in a dry place must be grounded; welding equipment repairs must cut off the power switch; cable and welding clamp handle should be well insulated cable and welding the device coupling bolts should tighten firmly; demolition or repair welding equipment line, should be carried out by a qualified electrician, not free to own fiddle.

Arc issue of harmful infrared, ultraviolet, and intense light. Human eye infrared radiation for too long, cause Crystal the body impaired "eye, severe blindness. UV even a short time irradiation can also cause photophobia eye disease, resulting in pain and tears. UV will also cause skin burns or peeling. Strong visible light short time exposure will people's eyes grow dim, too long will result in visual impairment. Further, in the arc welding also may be the spatter of molten metal burns. Electrical welders in operation, except dressed overalls and insulated shoes, must also be required to wear a good special leather gloves, wearing the special goggles glass dedicated shield or mask. Must recognize the importance of safety in production, as an electrical welder familiar with the knowledge of security, and compliance with operating procedures to ensure safety in production.

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