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Ultrasonic Vapor Phase Cleaning Machine

Ultrasonic Vapor Phase Cleaning Machine
Ultrasonic Vapor Phase Cleaning Machine


Widely used to clean electronic parts and computer circuit board flux, rosin, grease on precision devices, strap, case and Lighting polishing wax and dirt. This machine has the following features:
Ultrasonic fine cleaning ③ ② ① ultrasound coarse wash steam wash.
④ spray wash ⑤ freeze drying. Distillation recovery.
Rosin suitable for cleaning electronic components and circuit board, precision machinery parts, grease, dirt strap Case. Have
Fast the net dried advantages, suitable for continuous production.
Include solvent was filtered, and the recovery system, to reduce production costs.
Stainless steel structure, acid and alkali resistant, beautiful and durable.
Include solvent plus cooked automatic temperature control device, temperature range 30-110C.
Built condensing system to prevent solvent evaporation.
Include fast freeze drying system enable cleaning workpieces quickly packaging or into the next process.

Process: ultrasonic cleaning → ​​ultrasonic cleaning → cleaning → Turkish bath freeze-drying → ​​distillation recovery

Product Features:
☆ imports of stainless steel plates and components, all stainless steel structure, appearance and durability.
☆ cleaning bad features of the heating and temperature control means, the temperature control range of 30 to 110 ° C.
☆ Built-in freezer and freeze row, effectively prevent volatile cleaning agent.
☆ imported high quality transducers, ultrasonic power output strong.
☆ generator uses a new circuit, power adjustable display.
☆ has distillation recovery systems, cleaning agent can be recycled.
The ☆ feature detection and security protection, respectively, the level of protection, temperature control, freezer overload protection.
☆ settings solvent filtration system to ensure clean solvent.
☆ ultrasonic cleaning is bad, in addition to the standard size, according to customer requirements.Ultrasonic Vapor Phase Cleaning Machine

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