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Automobile carburetor automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

Automobile carburetor automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine
Automobile carburetor automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine
Type: UCE-ACA-400
Mainly used in automotive parts cleaning, mechanical hardware, such as turbocharger, shock absorber parts, aluminum, iron, copper, die castings, ductile iron castings, cylinder, shell, piston rings, hydraulic parts, compressor parts, etc.parts, or terminal cleaning of the production and processing process. Having a rapidly washed and dried advantages apply to bulk continuous production.
The main features are as follows:
Use environmentally friendly water-based of neutral detergent city water or pure water.
Automatic completion of workpiece transferred machine, washing, drying, rust-proof process.
Optional specially designed rotating + parabolic move, get completely uniform cleaning.
Is fully enclosed design, simple, reliable, and easy to maintain.
Tank full of imported stainless steel structure, acid and alkali, elegant appearance.
Provided with a cleaning agent recycling system, to reduce production costs.
Set the level control system, to ensure that the machines work properly.
Set fast hot air drying system, fast drying the workpiece.
Set up the independent digital temperature control system Automatic temperature control heating device at room temperature -110 ° C Temperature range.
Ultrasonic lines using a unique, robust, real-time display of ultrasonic operating frequency ultrasound.
Product Features:
☆ imported stainless steel plate and components, all stainless steel structure, appearance and durability.
☆ cleaning tank with heating and temperature control device, temperature control range of 30 to 110 ° C
☆ imported high quality transducers, ultrasonic power output strong.
☆ cleaning tank and generator uses a split design, easy to use.
The ☆ generator new circuit, power adjustable.
☆ ultrasonic vibration mode the bottom respectively vibration and edge vibration two kinds, suitable for different cleaning requirements.
☆ ultrasonic cleaning tank, in addition to the standard size, according to customer requirements.Automobile carburetor automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

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