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Types of medical ultrasonic cleaner machine structure

Types of medical ultrasonic cleaner machine structure

Cleaning of medical devices prerequisite for successful sterilization, cleaning clean prerequisite, because the devices attached organics can not be completely cleaned will, on the one hand, to form a layer of biofilm bacteria in the surface of the device to prevent sterilization medium wear through sterilization failed; the other hand, organic ingredients can corrode the the instrument surface of the coating. China's medical industry, the use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment 10 years ago, the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine series, a branch of the medical industry, surgical instruments and accessories of all kinds of stains can be cleaned thoroughly cleaning does not stay dead, and solve the manual cleaning mode not thorough, each ultrasonic transducer operating frequency is typically in the28KHZ-40KHZ, power in the 50-60 watt, high-frequency low power to ensure that the medical equipment to be cleaned without damage.

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine structure types:

1, Medical single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine. Single main function of cleaning, need supporting boil, drying and other equipment, are generally applicable to dentistry, laboratory, sterilization centers, operating room and other sections of the surgical instruments, dental handpieces test container, glass, test tube, biochemical test containers high efficiency, syringes, bottles disk class container and high cleanliness ultrasonic cleaning.
2, medical multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine. Is on the cleansing base in the single-slot, there is an increase of the washing step, generally has a prepreg groove, a cleaning tank, rinsing tank, boiling tank, drying box, etc., suitable for endoscopic surgical instrument (a variety of soft, rigid inner mirrors and accessories), biopsy forceps, knife, high-frequency electric knife, gravel, foreign body forceps, the cell brush, high cleanliness of the guide wire, catheter and operating room surgical instruments high efficiency ultrasonic cleaning.

3, the medical automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine. Setup process automatically, the complete enzyme soak, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic rinse, spray, automatic oiling, hot air drying process, the whole process without human intervention. Mainly applied to hospitals in large quantities of apparatus for cleaning and disinfection, can greatly improve the work efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of the staff.

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine with the advantages of the traditional manual cleaning.

1, the cleaning effect. Use of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning can not only replace the artificial hand wash, you can also reach the artificial hand wash can not meet the requirements. Even steam cleaning, high-pressure water jet is also unable to meet some of the uneven surface of the small blind hole (tip), high equipment cleanliness requirements. Ultrasonic cavitation can also promote a chemical reaction, and to accelerate the dissolution of the instrument table mask, more thorough cleaning effect.

2, the cleaning efficiency is high. Traditional manual cleaning recycling equipment needs to be multi-enzyme soak, manual washing, rinsing or washing machine with a brush on some bottles, can be said that time and effort, and the influence of human factors also can not guarantee the equipment cleaning quality. Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, cleaning equipment soaked enzyme cleaning solution into the cleaning agent directly into the cleaning tank, in proportion to temperature, timing set to automatically start cleaning.

3, hygiene and safety. Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is a pollution-free device, the whole process is a purely physical cleaning process, safe and reliable, and does not produce electromagnetic waves and radiation harmful to humans. Cleaning liquid directly to the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of medical equipment, no manual contact with the cleaning solution to eliminate the secondary pollution. Medical personnel can effectively isolate the bacteria and viruses, to protect the health and safety of health care.

The future development trend of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine.

1, 2009 Notice of the Ministry of Health hospital supply room cleaned and disinfected specification "clearly requires various medical medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, must be used to eliminate the hazards of pollution and dangerous goods operator. In the context of constantly improve the health care system, medical ultrasonic cleaning machine has gradually become one of the essential equipment for the hospital.

Ultrasonic cleaning as emerging cleaning process, either from a cost or cleaning effect, the advantages are obvious, while a single cleaning function has been unable to meet the needs of the hospital, so small, single-slot medical ultrasonic cleaning machine will slowly exit, while the multi-slot Automatic Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine will become the market mainstream. Many hospitals have medical ultrasonic cleaning machine as hospital the new disinfection of cleaning equipment.

With the growing number of manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning industry and the market is also relatively confusion with the industry standardization, specialization and segmentation of depth, washing machine manufacturers will be added to the medical ultrasound cleaning machine in the ranks of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine market competition will become more intense, and the profits will tend to return to the rational, increasingly high degree of standardization, to service and quality will be enterprise established with the undefeated fundamental.

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