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Ultrasonic cleaner machine cleaning agent used

Ultrasonic cleaner machine cleaning agent used
Ultrasonic cleaning machine widely used in the field of industrial cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning agent credit are inseparable, that is, the the ultrasonic mechanical and physical role and ultra
Acoustic chemical dissolution of the cleaning agent, the softening effect of such are bonded to each other, so that the ultrasonic cleaning machine in the cleaning process to achieve the best cleaning effect. As all walks cleaning on
As the vastly different, carried by the nature of the dirt and contamination degree of surface corrosion or rust-proof requirements after cleaning, the cleaning requirements of quality and economic effects vary, so
Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning agent used, must be based on the specific conditions, specific analysis, merit a comprehensive selection.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines using a cleaning agent usually can be divided into solvent cleaning agent and a water-based cleaning agent

A water-based cleaning agent is a water-based cleaning products, ultrasonic the optional cleaning agent in the washing machine using the process generally water-based cleaning agent-based, water-based
Cleaning agent If you do not have anti-rust function accelerated rusting of the metal data maintenance cleaning after the surface layer removed will accelerate rust. If rust-proof requirements
Antirust function should be used with water-based cleaning agent, everything has advantages and disadvantages, if the increase in water-based products with anti-rust some ingredients, these ingredients have potential to reduce water-based
The cleaning function of the cleaning agent, the cleaning power may be decreased.

Water-based cleaning agent and organic solvent-based products has many advantages compared to, for example, cheap, safe and convenient. Biggest difference is water-based cleaning agent
Need to be rinsed and dried after washing using an ultrasonic cleaning machine, and these steps usually requires investment in new equipment. These devices can also be applied to large-scale production
Used in small volume applications. The return on investment in such equipment are usually less than one year, after this, it can become a real savings in the cost of the cleaning method. So if ultrasound
Wave washing machine in use require a lower cleaning costs, the volatilization of the cleaning is not required, the cleaning agent of the water base type is not sensitive to rust, the optional.

Second, solvent cleaning agent generally refers to the rapid evaporation of the organic substance solvents, mainly divided into hydrocarbons and chlorinated organics. Hydrocarbon solvent having a relatively low
Toxicity, good material compatibility, as well as a variety of volatile rate and multi-temperature ignition. Chlorinated organic solvent toxicity is relatively large, the poor compatibility of materials, but they can be fast
Speed ​​drying and difficult to burn. In large-scale production, both organic solvents generally need professional ultrasonic cleaning machine to meet the needs of the antivirus or due to its ignition
Caused the problem.

Solvent cleaning agent is advantageous in that high cleanliness, and without drying, the solvent itself may be used by distillation regeneration cycle, additionally solve the water-based cleaning agent effluent treatment difficulties
Problem, no need for additional investment in waste water treatment equipment. If the object of the cleaning requirements volatile fast, high cleaning efficiency and the requirements of rust can be considering the selection of solvent
Lotion. The disadvantage is the high cost, flammable, in addition to the solvent odor, especially when using a closed semi-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for the work environment will be.

The selection principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine for the cleaning agent

Ultrasonic cleaning machine on a variety of industrial cleaning agent used range, but not versatile the cleaning agent, generally a special type, the material should be directed to the object being cleaned, clear
Different washing requirements, the dirt is different, the best use of ultrasonic cleaning machine technology test and selection. But the choice should be the main consideration in mind:

(1) the main component of the cleaning agent; (2) cleaning agent physical properties; (3) the main features of the cleaning agent and precautions; (4) the scope of application of the cleaning agent (mainly
The passers, dirt, objects, etc.); (5) the cleaning condition of the cleaning agent, the method and implementation possibilities; (6) the liquid discharge, and the waste processing method; (7) The cost of the cleaning agent; (8) the cleaning

Should pay attention to the problem of ultrasonic cleaning agent in use

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning agent can be recycled. This cleaning method can save a lot of cleaning agent, ultrasonic cleaning machine after each use, the best
Cleaning agent into the container, and then poured into a cleaning tank in the next use, the rest of the precipitate can be processed off. Such as the concentration of the cleaning agent is not enough, the amount of added little to repeat the

Second, try to know more about the physical characteristics of the cleaning agent. Can greatly improve the efficiency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning, for example, the low viscosity of the cleaning agent is applied to the gap cleaning;
Low boiling point volatile losses are more suitable for steam cleaning; choose the appropriate temperature according to different cleaning agents for cleaning effect, and so on.

Third, the waste water treatment problems. Aqueous cleaning agent, for example, ultrasonic cleaning machine after cleaning liquid waste containing grease dirt, mud, sand, coke, scrap metal, and a very
Oxide, etc., so that the water quality does not meet the emission standards should be processed. General treatment in three steps:

(1) use of physical methods precipitate was allowed to stand and filter to remove suspended solids, oil slicks and sediment;

(2) breaking the emulsified oil, salting out, coagulation, DAF and electrolytic combination reaches the oil separator;

(3) sewage purification, available biochemical methods, the ozone method, sand filtration, activated carbon adsorption method.

Wastewater treatment after three craft up to the national standards for wastewater discharge.

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