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What is ultrasonic level meter?

What is ultrasonic level meter
What is ultrasonic level meter? First of all, let's look at the definition of the level: "level" refers to the surface location of the various equipment and containers of liquid or solid material. Because
Different level of the nature of the material is divided into the level and material level:

1, level refers to the level of the surface of the liquid medium in the device and in the container.

2, material position refers to the stacking height of the equipment and containers are stored in bulk, particulate or powdered solid material.

In fact, so-called ultrasonic level meter ultrasonic level meter and ultrasonic level meter collectively. When used to measure liquid level, usually called ultrasonic level
Count; When used to measure the solid material level, often called ultrasonic level meter.


The ultrasonic level meter is the use of a piezoelectric crystal transducer emitting an ultrasonic wave and receiving an echo reflected back from the surface of the level, by measuring the ultrasonic transmitter and receiver
Time interval, to calculate the distance of transmission of the ultrasonic wave, thereby completing the accurate measurement of material level.

Key Indicators

1, range. Representative of the largest range of ultrasonic level meter can measure reflects the sensitivity of the transducer. The greater the range, the higher the sensitivity. Ultrasonic level meter
The transducer configuration 4,6,8,10,20,30 m different range. When the ultrasonic attenuation, when the interface reflection difference, the received ultrasonic signal in order to avoid the ultrasonic probe
The number is too weak, with the noise signal and can not distinguish the transducer transmit power needs to be increased.

2, the blind spot. Also known as the dead zone, ultrasonic level measuring less than some distance. Ultrasonic level meter emit ultrasonic pulses, can not simultaneously detect reflected back
Wave. Transmitted simultaneously due to the emission of the ultrasonic pulse has a certain time width End ultrasonic sensor also Yu Chun, can not be detected during the reflected echo, so from Probe
Beginning a short distance down the head surface can not be properly detected, this distance is called the blind spot. The same range of products, the blind spot is smaller, it shows the transducer design the more

3, the temperature. The normal range is -10 to 60 degrees Celsius. Piezoelectric ceramic extreme operating temperature is 150 degrees Celsius, the ultrasonic level meter in the manufacturing process
Most materials are not long-term work in temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius.

4, accuracy. Mainly affected by temperature changes greater impact, in order to ensure measurement accuracy, the most ultrasonic level meter with temperature compensation function. Further variations in the gas component
Precision ultrasonic level meter technology will have an impact, such as the volatile liquid, volatile air composition changes, resulting in changes in the sound velocity of the gas, causing the measured
The amount of error. In the case of normal temperature and pressure, as well as from external environmental interference, most manufacturers can control the accuracy within 0.5%.

5, two-wire and three-wire system. The two-wire ultrasonic level meter power supply (DC24v) signal output (DC4-20mA) shared a loop, that is, using only two
The line can be inadequacies transmit power is relatively slightly faint. Three-wire ultrasonic level meter is actually a four-wire system, the power supply (DC24v) signal output (DC4-
20mA) loop separation, each with two lines, three lines can be when they are negative end total to connected commonly used, transmit power advantage.

Advantages and defects

Ultrasonic Level of advantages:

1, the ultrasonic wave propagation velocity is relatively stable, light, medium viscosity, humidity, dielectric constant, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity detection is almost no effect, and therefore applicable to
Toxic, corrosive or high viscosity level measurement for special occasions;

Ultrasonic level meter with medium contact, no moving parts, electronic components only audio vibration amplitude small instrument long life;

Not only for the continuous measurement and fixed-point measurement, can easily provide telemetry or remote control signal;

4, capable of measuring high-speed movement or tilt sloshing liquid level, such as in automobiles, aircraft, ships liquid level.

Ultrasonic Level Meter defects:

1, when the change of ultrasonic propagation medium density, speed of sound will also change, and seriously affect the measurement accuracy;

Ultrasonic level meter temperature pressure sensitive, it is generally measured at room temperature and atmospheric pressure.

3, some substances have a strong absorption of ultrasonic level measurement of specific situations and conditions to fully consider the selection of measurement methods and measuring instruments.


Ultrasonic level meter, due to the low cost, easy to use, is widely used in petroleum, chemical, water, sewage treatment, water, iron and steel, coal, electricity, transportation
And food processing industries. Here are some specific examples of uses:

1) to detect the liquid level of the the vehicle tank of gasoline; 2) for the detection of bottles at the bottling plant; 3) in food processing plants used to detect and control liquid tank level; 4)
Packaging line by monitoring the tension between the two rollers to control the transmission speed of the material; 5) detection of the pin on the car engine blocks; 6) into the water to detect sludge
The height; 7) ultrasonic level switch; 8) the height of the liquid level detection cesspool.

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