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how to use a ultrasonic cleaner

how to use a ultrasonic cleaner

1.Ultrasonic cleaner machine installation

Please refer to the installation manual connection of ultrasonic cleaning machine the thermostat sensor signal line between the control cabinet and the host of the cleaning machine, ultrasonic drive line, heater control lines and other lines, and switched 380VAC power supply, install the washing machine on the water, put the water pipes with overflow discharge tubes.

2. Ultrasonic cleaner machine add water

To clean tanks by adding the appropriate amount of water, liquid height to submerged parts to be cleaned prevail cleaning pools, usually no more than three-quarters.

3. Ultrasonic cleaner machine heated

Start electronically controlled heating switch, water temperature adjustment knob on the white scale line to point to the appropriate temperature (60 ℃). Washing machine during use, the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 ° C wash economic.

4. Ultrasonic cleaner machine added cleaning agent

Until the water temperature rose to about 4O ℃, UC-O3 parts cleaner cleaning the pool (generally once about 5kg), slowly stir the water to make it fully dissolved (more sound waves can also start or open drum gas device stirring).

5.Ultrasonic Cleaner pretreatment

Sludge) is appropriate Zhudao first parts of the surface dirt before cleaning (dust cover any outer surface there will be a lot of dust, the cylinder body parts in its enclosure at the curve accumulates a lot of thick and easy addition to the simple and clean , in order to extend the life of the cleaning solution. Able precision ultrasonic cleaning, but its the mud dirt processing power weak, so pretreatment should try to Wong Nai or mud dirt removal.

6.Ultrasonic cleaner machine parts placed

Parts placed gently into the cleaning tanks reinforced material basket, when many parts disposable placed, should try to keep them evenly distributed, and do not overlap in the material basket.

7.Ultrasonic cleaner machine boot

Ultrasonic cleaning machine normal working hours, the ultrasonic transmitted simultaneously from three directions, press-side ultrasonic start, i.e. already start on both sides of the ultrasonic rotary power to the right adjustment knob, press-side ultrasonic start. And its spin to the right power at LEO display the current value of the bottom of the ultrasound operating power.

8.Ultrasonic cleaner machine downtime

To stop the cleaning process, the first power knob to the minimum. Then press the stop bottom ultrasound. Cleaning time to master according to the cleaning surface.

9.Ultrasonic cleaner machine overflow

If there are too many of the oil slick on cleaning the pool liquid level. Should open the overflow device of the washing machine to be excluded in order to prevent secondary pollution of the workpiece to be cleaned. The specific operation is as follows: open the overflow drain valve injection water or cleaning solution to the cleaning of the pool until the cleaning fluid began to overflow (recommendations toward the overflow outlet with a the scraper class of appliances cut painted oil slick in order to facilitate its rapid outflow) keep the overflow drain valve is normally closed to prevent on the ground contamination caused by accidental overflow.

10.Post-processing of ultrasonic cleaner machine

Good parts removed for cleaning and with hole residual cleaning solution completely blowing with compressed air, and surface drying (recommended with blowing dust gun with an air compressor to use). If conditions, to best configuration pond near the washing machine. In order to remove the parts rinsed.

11.Processing of ultrasonic cleaner machine cleaner agent

When the washing machine to wash the excess parts, the content of the cleaning agent in the formation of sludge will be quite high, combined with the emulsifying action of the ultrasonic waves. Cleaning agent too dirty sticky weakened ability to cavitation, should not continue to use. Recommend to the user to configure the outer tank and the washing machine can be used in conjunction, to precipitate the dirty cleaning agent for recycled use to reduce costs.

12.Ultrasonic cleaner machine soak auxiliary role

A lot of parts and components, such as cylinder head, piston, connecting rod, turbo, exhaust manifold, etc. with these parts of coke, lighter, very easy to clean, but there are some very heavy In this case, necessary to the workpiece soaked softening process will achieve a better cleaning effect.

Cleaning method:

An immersion cleaning [in the washing tank by adding a washing liquid to be cleaned is immersed in one of the cleaning methods. Due to the chemical action of cleaning alone cleaning agent, the washing ability is weak, requires long Use

2 sonic cleaning [install an ultrasonic transducer to generate ultrasonic energy (thousands atmospheric shock wave) in the wash tank, cavitation effect, reach pervasive cleaning purposes]

3 gas cleaning [install the jet pipe (nozzle) with a gas in the tank the cleaning solution injected into the object to be cleaned on the cleaning method. The air stirred for cleaning the cleaning liquid is discharged from the bottom of the groove or side, consider the cleaning liquid agitation force (physical action) for washing. Washing capacity than dipping cleaning]

4 spray cleaning 【sprinkler pipe, installed in the cleaning tank washing liquid jet to be washed. Pressure 2-20kg/cm2]

5 rotating cleaning [rotating device installed in the tank, while rotating cylinder and stirring cleaning materials. More than a combination of spray and ultrasonic use]

Parabolic move cleaning [the swing mechanism installed in the tank, loading Washing, to washing tank up and down or left and right movement, multi-spray, ultrasonic washing combination]

7 scrub [install brushes in the cleaning chamber, the workpiece special support or fixture, dip or drench Run in the cleaning agent, mainly by mechanical friction of the brush with the workpiece as the primary cleaning cleaning direct effect]

Above cleaning methods are also the ultrasonic closely associated to different cleaning methods and the characteristics of the models machine can be customized according to individual requirements.how to use a ultrasonic cleaner

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