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Ultrasonic cleaning machine generator and ultrasonic cleaning transducer core cylinder, its technical condition is far behind the development of the times and the various fields of economic enterprise needs. Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning machine production characteristics of the status quo is obsolete technology, cleaning efficiency is not satisfactory, the high failure rate. This has become a bottleneck restricting it to further expand the range of applications. Market to improve technology, improve the design, simplifying the process of steel structure, reduce costs, and improve its cost for the pilot, but often compete with each other at a low price, which has brought to the development of the industry as a whole and ultrasonic cleaning cause negative negative impact, it should cause us concern.
Standard market research, in eastern China, ultrasonic cleaning machine generator as far as we know no more than the following:
1, the first-generation product is a biological microscope tubular products are eliminated, as technology advances, (but still manufacturers in the production).
2, generic generator of ultrasonic cleaning machine translation companies in the United States must be able to believe, veneer Power 300W, a fixed frequency of 25KHz (self-oscillating half-bridge output circuit), with a large power transformers up a market share in Simple models. However, the circuit is difficult to adjust the ultrasonic transducer frequency resonance point, the output power is impossible to achieve the desired results, the quality is self-evident. But taking into account the generator circuit is relatively simple, stability can still be well overall debugging, the failure rate is still very low, combined with the production of this model of small and medium-sized enterprises of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning machines more, whether their line to be improved and enhanced? following a design for reference: remove the power transformer to reduce output matching transformer leakage magnetic separator, to reduce to reduce the weight and volume of the whole, reduce costs, improve efficiency purposes. To remove the power transformer, the first thing to consider to solve two problems, the insulation between the power input and high-frequency power output: two lower supply voltage withstand voltage suitable for high power tubes work properly, to ensure the safe operation of the machine (the original machine between the supply voltage of approximately DC150V-180V). Figure 1 describes the circuit can solve the power supply voltage to meet the design requirements of the original machine. Note: debugging pay attention to safety, to prevent electric shock.
The output transformer of the original machine of choice is a single magnetic separation movement, magnetic flux leakage, once close to the iron shell, the formation of a vortex, and generates high heat, it is recommended to modify IE core, the coil is changed by a single group around early secondary double winding isolation and insulation between the power input and high-frequency power output, so that you can solve. Output transformer technical parameters such as the number of turns and the initial level turns ratio and inductance due to many uncertain factors, is difficult to give a definitive data.
3 MC model and its improved models: This is an old product line design is cumbersome, due to historical reasons, it is a place not designed. Gates much SCR regulator, the process complicated mess, a high failure rate, has been left out by the user, the production of well-known manufacturers of this former state-owned models, we believe that only reluctantly get rid of the old backward models, development or selection of new models, in order to revive the former glory, based on today's market.
Improved models to simplify the circuit, synchronous technology to increase the "frequency hopping", the so-called "frequency hopping" is in fact the main vibration frequency of the PWM, plus a multivibrator, frequency and frequency matched the oscillator output pulse modulated master oscillator pole go. Do constant power output, but the the the power components MOSFET current capacity constraints, did not do the full power output, the output power is also unsatisfactory, no significant improvement in cleaning efficiency, the application side of the industry is not wide, especially every jump. frequency cycle, cleaning the tank there is always a periodic beep, no slow start function and a power adjustment knob, once operational errors failure, can not control linkage and other dehumidifier. Reason, did not jump out of the box and thinking of the design of the original MC models, although the replacement of the original dedicated control chip, new chip features did not spend.
The models in eastern China, only a small number of enterprises in the production of further improvement, Change the power components IGBT, machine capacity can be expanded to try to remove the cylinder periodic sound, with good new PWM control chip all of the features, such as slow-start function and pulse width modulation function, which is very convenient to achieve "one-button operation (only set up a power switch), regarded as a good model.
4, IGBT as the power components used in the ultrasonic cleaning machine generator has caused widespread concern and still not out of the traditional design ideas and methods from some products, for example, just two promote components ,: EXB840/841 rectangular flat sheet-shaped package of thick film integrated circuit, the volume and the circuit and its costs accounted for a large proportion, you want to know the power of a single ultrasonic generator requirements of the foot can not be great . Course IGBT for high-frequency power components, due to its high breakdown voltage, large capacity, high input impedance, low pressure drop, was undoubtedly the first choice, which is a step forward.
IGBT constant power ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning machines:
This is based on the international popularity of a new generation of electric power electromagnetic flowmeter element - IGBT (insulated gate bipolar high-power transistor module) for the high-frequency power devices, military grade-specific integrated control chip the (PWM rather than the CPU) and with independent intellectual property rights of innovative circuit, together with the efficient transducer combination, modular design, the building block installation process of a new generation of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning machines.
The machine has three significant features: A: constant power output. The so-called "constant power" means in the wash tank, the different height of the water level, and different sizes of workpiece cleaning, its cleaning efficiency is unchanged. (Reflecting the constant output power) which has a stable, efficient and longevity.
To achieve constant power output, frequency automatic tracking circuit only way to achieve a professional magazine Expert Forum and it has made a recent exposition and analysis, and describes a wide range of frequency tracking circuit, mostly theoretically justifiable pass, is difficult to achieve in the process. So the frequency tracking circuit to be practical, simple, low-cost. Otherwise it is impossible to form a product of industrialization.
B: The second feature of the aircraft enough can be made to <99 ℃ heating models, this is no small breakthrough in the industry.
C: simple process, is the third characteristic of the aircraft. The three parts, to form the ultrasonic power generator can be adapted to a variety of different frequency and power, simple means a reliable, low cost and the use of easy maintenance.
A good ultrasonic power generator also want a good transducer (cleaning cylinder) match, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. Transducer (ultrasonic cleaning machine oscillator) in the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning machines
Plays a very important role, it is a very critical actuator mechanism. Transducer generally small and medium-sized production enterprises ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning machines are purchasing products, and little attention to its quality or Ramps ability to test the main technical parameters, such as the size of the impedance frequency consistency, uncertainty about, bought on the machine with the quality of life planted the hidden This machine efficiency. Further, even if detected, is also a low-power general process of detection, it is difficult to reflect the real technical parameters in practical work. To this end, according to our many years production experience and lessons of the transducer, transducer tester summed up a set of production the the complete transducer technology investment to migrate to Singapore, coupled with their own R & D of high-power, analog detection the transducer The real technical parameters of the actual work, such as impedance are controlled at below 20Ω frequency consistency is maintained at more than 90%, from the source to ensure the quality of the product.
Based on the lessons learned in the past, the piezoelectric ceramic transducer work wafer can happen easily broken, easily broken pole piece, the wiring easy unsoldering the mechanism type (these are industry there has been a common problem), to study the failure of its occurrence reasons, in addition to the transducer itself, the quality, mainly because of the power generator is not good tracking transducer at work due to the water level, temperature, the workpiece size changes affecting its frequency changes between the two in losing harmonic results of the state.
At this point, the automatic tracking of the frequency is particularly important. Another without being overlooked reason, it is the cylinder peak inverse voltage of the plurality of the same frequency generated by the transducer at work, is not effectively suppress the consequences.
Another ultrasonic cleaning machine generator output to the transducer of high-frequency voltage level is also an important parameter, but can not be considered a different foot on different circuit ultrasonic cleaning machine generator, and its output circuit, the voltage causes the transmission efficiency of the important reasons, " low output voltage of the generator power consumption while the oscillator is also easy to heat induced electric field, the appropriate adjustment circuit, increase the output voltage to the oscillator may be achieved very good results ".
We believe that this formulation is open to question, explore, generator output to the high and low voltage transducers affect the efficiency is an important reason enough, but it is not a fixed parameter, according to the level of the transducer frequency and change can is how much (power) to be adjusted accordingly, high frequency transducer voltage corresponding to low, and low frequency transducer, the same voltage should be a corresponding increase. In addition, the main factor of the transducer heating First, the frequency of the generator and the actual resonant frequency of the oscillator is detuned state, the second is not match the generator's output impedance and the load transducer the overall impedance. That frequency losing both harmonic and impedance match, it is the best efficiency, the lowest temperature rise state satisfies the above two conditions. If you simply increase the output voltage down to increasing the power consumption cause oscillator fever.
The good news is that the constant power ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning machines by nearly five years of unremitting efforts, innovative full-range, real-time automatic tracking circuit and general Process, the successful solution of these problems. There are multiple heating models in the foreign-funded enterprises have been safe and trouble-free operation for nearly three years. You can say a spring constant power ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning machines to the industry as a whole.build your own ultrasonic cleaner

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