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what is an ultrasonic cleaner

what is an ultrasonic cleaner
Industrial production and the labor process involves ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning are all areas of industrial cleaning. The food industry, textile industry, paper industry, printing industry, oil processing industry, the transportation industry, electric power industry, metal processing industry, mechanical industry, automobile manufacturing, instrumentation, electronic industry, post and telecommunications, household appliances, medical instruments. The atomic energy industry are a large number of applications to ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning technology.

General industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning, including vehicles, ships, aircraft, surface cleaning, and generally only remove coarse dirt; precision industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning the surface of the processing and production of the various products in the cleaning process, a variety of materials and equipment cleaning, etc., in order to be able to remove the tiny dirt particles characterized; ultra-precision ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning mechanical parts, electronic components, optical components including precision industrial production process precision cleaning to remove tiny dirt particles for the purpose.

Can be divided into different cleaning methods based on ultrasonic cleaning machine, the physical ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning and chemical cleaning: use of mechanical, acoustic, optical, electrical, thermal principle, rely on foreign energy, such as mechanical friction, ultrasonic, negative pressure, high pressure. ) In the strike. Such as ultraviolet radiation, steam is physical cleaning methods to remove surface dirt; rely on the role of the chemical reaction, the use of chemicals or other solvents to remove surface dirt method called chemical cleaning. Such as various inorganic or organic acid to

Ultrasonic cleaning machine
In addition to surface rust, scale, with an oxidizing agent to remove surface stains, fungicides, disinfectants kill microorganisms and remove mildew. Physical cleaning and chemical cleaning there are advantages and disadvantages of each, but also has a very good complementary. Are usually in the practical application of the process of the two combined use, in order to get the effect of a better ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning.

According to the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning in a different medium, and can be divided into wet cleaning and dry cleaning: Usually the cleaning will be carried out in a liquid medium known as a wet ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning, cleaning carried out in the gas medium is known as dry-type ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning. Most of the traditional way of cleaning to wet cleaning, dry-cleaning and people easier to understand is cleaner. But in recent years, the rapid development of dry cleaning. Laser cleaning, UV cleaning, plasma cleaning, dry ice cleaning, such as the rapid development of high precision, sharp industrial technology.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines, high efficiency and high cleanliness, thanks to the penetration and cavitation shock wave generated by the acoustic wave propagation in the medium. Parts with complex shapes and cavities and fine empty so easily cleaned, degreasing, rust, phosphating process, in the role of ultrasound just two or three minutes to complete, and the speed can be increased several times to several tens of times than traditional methods, the cleanliness can reach high standards. This higher on the product surface quality and productivity requirements in many occasions, more prominent display of the results is difficult to achieve with other treatment methods or non-substituted.

Many factories are using special cleaning machines, dry ice cleaning machines, steam cleaning machines, laser cleaning machine, pipe cleaning machines, manual dipping, brushing, pressure washing, vibration cleaning, jet washing, jet washing, shaking washing colored cleaning methods and processes compared to ultrasonic cleaning methods are irreplaceable superiority and versatility. Mainly reflected in the following aspects:

High precision: the ultrasonic energy can penetrate subtle gap and holes, and it can be applied with any parts or assembly cleaning. Be cleaned pieces of precision components or assemblies, ultrasonic cleaning is often the only cleaning method can meet their specific technical requirements.

Fast relative to conventional cleaning methods: ultrasonic cleaning workpiece dust descaling much faster. Assemblies without dismantling can be cleaned. Ultrasonic cleaning can be labor-saving advantages often makes it the most economical cleaning.

Consistent: Whether cleaning items is large or small, simple or complex, a single piece or bulk or on the auto assembly line, the use of ultrasonic cleaning manual cleaning unparalleled uniform cleanliness.
In recent years, many workers vendors using ultrasonic cleaning equipment, replace the original factory cleaning process to be successful than the old, more than the original product quality and yield, and improve the production environment, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

My company can according to your requirements to design and manufacture a variety of ultrasonic cleaning machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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