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An ultrasonic generator, usually referred to as ultrasonic wave generating source, the ultrasonic power supply. Its role is to convert the mains (220V or 380V, 50 or 60Hz) high-frequency alternating current signal into the match with the ultrasonic transducer. The linear amplifying circuit and a switching power supply circuit, can be used to consider the general form of a switching power supply circuit from the conversion efficiency, high power ultrasonic power from the amplifying circuit form. Linear power supply has its unique range of applications, the advantages is that it can not strictly require circuit match, allowing the operating frequency continuous rapid changes. Judging from the current situation of the ultrasound industry, ultrasonic divided into self-excited and excited power.
The principles of the generator is first generated by the signal generator to generate a signal of a specific frequency, this signal can be a sinusoidal signal, or may be a pulse signal, this particular frequency is the frequency of the transducer, the general application in the ultrasonic device, the ultrasonic frequency 20KHz, 25KHz, 28KHz, 33KHz, 40KHz, 60KHz; 1OOKHz or have not yet large-scale use. However, with the continuous development of precision cleaning after. I believe that using surface will gradually expand.
Ultrasonic generator should also have feedback loops, feedback signal mainly two aspects: the first one is to provide the output power signal, we know that when the generator power supply (voltage) changes. Will change the output power of the generator, then reflect the mechanical vibration transducer suddenly big suddenly small, unstable cleaning effect. Therefore need to stabilize the output power, and a corresponding adjustment to the power amplifier through the power feedback signal, so that the power amplifier stability.
The second is to provide the frequency tracking signal. When the efficiency of the transducer at the resonant frequency when the highest and most stable, while the transducer resonant frequency change due to the assembly causes and after aging, of course, the frequency of this change only drift change is not great, The frequency tracking signal may be a control signal generator, so that the signal generator frequency to track the resonant frequency transducer within a certain range. Generator in the best condition. Of course, with modern electronic ultrasonic technology, especially the development of the microprocessor (uP) and signal processor (DSP), the generator function more and more powerful, but no matter what changes, its core functions should be as described above content, just about every part of ultrasonic technology in achieving different
Now some stuck cleaning the trench bottom or the wall of the transducer distribution too dense, a close to an arrangement of the power strength of the input transducer of 2-3 watts per square centimeter, such a high strength on the one hand would expedite the cavitation erosion of the surface of the stainless steel plate (surface) in contact with the cleaning liquid, shorten the life, on the other hand due to the excessive sound intensity. Produce a large number of large bubbles in the vicinity of the surface of the steel sheet, increasing the sound transmission loss, and weaken the cleaning action in the place away from the transducer. Generally used in power intensity of less than 1.5 watts per square centimeter is appropriate (according to the sticky the transducer plate area). If deeper cleaning tank, in addition to the groove bottom is adhered to the outer transducer, the wall of the groove bonding transducer should also be considered, or only adhered to the both sides of the tank body.
Transducer bonding quality of the cleaning tank a great influence on the quality of the ultrasonic cleaning machine would. Not only to cement, and require uniform layer, no shortage of plastic and cracks are not allowed to maximize the cleaning fluid in the transmission, in order to improve the efficiency of the unit and the cleaning effect of the ultrasound energy. At present, some cleaning equipment to avoid transducer fall from the cleaning tank. Take the screw added viscose fixed way, this connection can let transducer does not fall. Screw welding quality but be aware, if not perpendicular to the surface of the stainless steel plate, layer uneven, even cracks or lack of glue energy transmission will weaken; On the other hand if the weld is bad will also affect the smoothness of the surface of stainless steel, lead accelerated cavitation corrosion, shortening the life of the welding quality is very important.
One method to determine the bond quality, which is filled with water in the cleaning tank and start work some time, measuring the temperature rise of the transducer. If a large number of transducers in a transducer particularly fast temperature rise, it indicates that the transducer may be bonded bad because the acoustic radiation is not good, the majority of the electrical energy consumed in the heat transducer, . Another method is measuring the electrical impedance of the transducer size small signal condition basis to distinguish the quality of bonding.
Performance of ultrasonic cleaning machine, there are some vague understanding: that the greater the power, the more the number of transducers. Better the performance, the higher the value, even in this Lunjia this understanding is not comprehensive. As described above, the transducer cloth is too dense, the power density is too large, not only the cleaning effect is not good, and the groove bottom cavitation corrosion. other hand, most of the ultrasonic cleaning machine commodity subject power sound power rather than electrical power. If the standard is the consumption of power-frequency, ultrasonic cleaning machine quality of the pros and cons should be judged efficiency.
If the efficiency is low, in the same cleaning effect, large power consumption, but to increase the cost of the user. The efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning machine comprises two parts. First, the ultrasonic frequency power efficiency. I.e. the input transducer of a high-frequency electric power consumption workers percentage of the frequency of electric power; other part is the efficiency of the electro-acoustic converter, i.e. the sound power into the cleaning solution The percentage of the electric power and the input transducer. China in industrial production is not a simple method and apparatus to measure the efficiency of the electro-acoustic converter. Are the subject of the manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaning machine power is ambiguous, there is an urgent need of uniform standards in the industry.
Ultrasonic maintenance
Mainly by the ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic transducer, the ultrasonic transducer is manufactured by a lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric ceramic material sandwich-type transducer, the piezoelectric ceramic material has a dimensional change of the phenomenon under the action of an electric field, transducer produces mechanical vibrations in the role of the alternating electric field.
The correct procurement ultrasonic washing machine
Eight steps, your Heart procurement ultrasonic cleaning machine
Procurement ultrasonic cleaning machine, first understand their own products with the ways in which to wash, and the second is what kind of cleaning, the third is to own development of the company's production is expected to reach the number to be purchased maximum machine capacity is how much, the fourth step is the understanding of the cleaning process, ask their peers what process, or the manufacturers of the Advisory ultrasonic cleaning process have not been updated, and the fifth is to choose a professional production enterprise The cleaning process, price and after-sales service protection comparison, the sixth is in the contract to do the equipment used in material brand model, consumables price, maintenance article written contractual agreements, prevent unscrupulous manufacturers fraud, seventh acceptance, large equipment, you try to bring your artifacts go to manufacturers site acceptance, and the eighth is the installation of the training of the employees of your company, are you sure your employees really learned rather than installation personnel said to have been trained.
The power of choice
Ultrasonic cleaning sometimes with a small power, spend a long time did not remove the dirt. If the power reaches a certain value, will soon be a dirt removal. If you choose too much power, cavitation intensity will greatly increase the cleaning effect is improved, but this time more sophisticated parts eclipse point, and cleaning machine vibration plate at the bottom of cavitation serious, water pitting corrosion also increases in using an organic solvent such as trichlorethylene, substantially no problem, but the use of water or a water-soluble cleaning liquid, susceptible to corrosion of the water point, if the surface of the vibrating plate has been injuries, resulting from strong power underwater cavitation corrosion is more severe, so choose according to the actual use of the ultrasonic power.
Frequency selection
Ultrasonic cleaning frequency from 28kHz to 120kHz, and the force of physical cleaning in use caused by the cavitation effect of water or Shuiqing builders obviously beneficial to the low-frequency, generally about 28-40kHz. Small gaps, slits, deep hole parts cleaning, with a high frequency (typically 40kHz or more), or even a few hundred kHz. Watches and clocks, parts cleaning, 100kHz. Wideband FM cleaning, better results.
Cleaning the use of basket
Often use when cleaning small parts items, baskets, pay special attention due the mesh to arouse ultrasonic attenuation. The use of more than 10mm mesh when the frequency is 28khz.
Cleaning fluid temperature
The most suitable cleaning Shuiqing lotion temperature is 40-60 ° C, especially in cold weather if the cleaning liquid temperature differential low level of effect, the cleaning effect is also poor. Therefore part of the cleaning machine is heated on a heating wire around the outside of the washing tanks for temperature control, when the temperature increases after the cavitation is likely to occur, so a better cleaning effect. When the temperature continues to rise, the gas pressure inside the vacuoles, caused by the impact sound pressure dropped, the effect will be weakened. The organic solvent washing liquid to be close to the temperature of the boiling point of the cleaning.
Determination of the position of the washing liquid the amount of cleaning parts
General cleaning fluid level is higher than the surface of the vibrator 100mm or more is better. Washing machine standing wave field due to a single frequency, wave section at the amplitude is small, the volatility at the amplitude caused by cleaning uneven. Therefore, the best choice for cleaning items should be located on the volatility at. (More valid range 3-18 cm)
Ultrasonic cleaning process and the choice of cleaning fluid
In the before later cleaning system, respond to the cleaning member as follows application analysis: clear washing member material, structure and quantity, analyzes and clearly want to clear the dirt, these are decided to be used, what kind of washing method, and determine whether the application The aqueous cleaning solution or solvent used prerequisites. The final cleaning process needs to be done the cleaning experiments to verify. Only in this way, in order to provide a suitable cleaning systems, the rational design of the cleaning process as well as the cleaning solution. Taking into account the influence of the physical characteristics of the cleaning liquid for ultrasonic cleaning, wherein the vapor pressure, surface tension, viscosity and density should be the most significant factors. Temperature can affect these factors, and so it also affects the efficiency of the cavitation effect. Any cleaning system must use a cleaning solution.
Choice of cleaning solution, you should consider the following three factors:
Experiments must be done. Cleaning efficiency: choose the most effective cleaning solvent. As in the introduction of ultrasound, the solvent used is generally no need to change the existing cleaning processes;
Simple operation: the use of liquid should be safe and non-toxic, easy operation and long service life;
Cost: The cheapest cost of the use of cleaning solvents is not necessarily the lowest. To the cleaning efficiency of the solvent, safety must be considered in using a certain amount of solvent may be cleaning the number of factors such as the workpiece maximum utilization. Of course, the choice of cleaning solvent must achieve a cleaning effect, and should be compatible with the cleaning of the workpiece material. Water for most ordinary cleaning fluid, so the use of water-based solution system is easy to operate, the use of low-cost, and widely used. However, certain materials and dirt does not apply in an aqueous solution, then there are many solvents available. Different cleaning fluid, the aqueous systems of the cleaning system to be distinguished: usually by exposure groove workpiece immersed wherein. Complex systems by multiple slots, and equipped with a circulating filter system, shower slot, drying tank and other accessories.
Solvent systems: ultrasonic vapor divided by grease cleaning machine, often with the continuous recovery unit of the liquid waste. The ultrasonic vapor remove grease the process by solvent evaporation tank and ultrasonic immersion tank into integrated multi-slot system completed. In the hot solvent vapor and ultrasonic agitation under common use, the oil, grease, wax, and other solvent-soluble dirt is removed. After a cleaning process, the workpiece material under heat, clean and dry.
1, the understanding of ultrasonic
Ultrasound can be divided into three, namely sub-sonic, sonic, ultrasonic. Infrasound frequencies below 20Hz; sonic frequency of 20Hz ~ 20kHz; ultrasonic frequency compared 20kHz. One of the sub-sonic and ultrasonic general human ear can not hear. Ultrasonic high frequency, short wavelength, and thus spread the directional penetration ability, which is why the design of the production of ultrasonic cleaning machines.
2, the ultrasonic how to complete the cleaning work
Ultrasonic cleaning is the use of the social role of the ultrasonic liquid the acceleration role and straight into the stream role of liquid and dirt direct, indirect role, so that the dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified, peel and reach cleaning purposes. Currently used ultrasonic cleaning machine, cavitation, and straight into the stream applications.
(1) cavitation: cavitation ultrasonic transmissive to the liquid to more than twenty thousand times per second, the compression force and reducing stress interactive high-frequency transformation method. Less pressure liquid vacuum nuclei bubble phenomenon, the compression force, vacuum nuclei bubble pressure to crush a powerful impact, thereby stripping the dirt of the surface to be cleaned, so as to achieve the precision Wash purpose.
(2) straight into the stream role: ultrasonic sound in the liquid along the propagation direction flow phenomenon is known as a straight flow. The acoustic intensity when 0.5W/cm2, the naked eye can see a straight flow, generate current perpendicular to the plane of vibration, the flow rate of about 10 cm / s. Straight flow through this the micro oil fouling the surface of the object to be cleaned was stirred, fouling the surface of the cleaning liquid is also convection, dissolving dirt dissolving liquid with the new liquid mixture, dissolve faster handling of dirt plays a large role.
(3) Acceleration: the liquid particles to promote the acceleration generated. For high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machines, cavitation on the very significant when cleaning mainly by the acceleration the liquid particles ultrasound under ultra precision cleaning impacting particle of dirt.
Cleaning parts processing
Another consideration is the ultrasonic cleaning on cleaning items, cutting or placed cleaning parts tooling design. Ultrasonic cleaning tank cleaning items, regardless of the cleaning items or cleaning items basket not touch the bottom of the channel. The total cross-sectional area of ​​the cleaning items should not exceed 70% of the cross-sectional area of ​​the ultrasonic tank. Rubber as well as non-stiffening plastic will absorb ultrasonic energy, and therefore such material for tooling caution. Insulation cleaning items should also be given special attention. Tooling basket poorly designed or to the Sheng workpiece too heavy, even if the best efficiency of the ultrasonic cleaning system will also be greatly reduced. Hooks, shelves, and beakers can be used to support the cleaning items.
:3-10-minute cleaning time, cleaning is preferable to use a timed manner.
3 What is the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine
Ultrasonic transducer telecommunications number is converted into a high-frequency mechanical oscillations to the longitudinal wave of the high frequency oscillation in the washing liquid in the form of radiation. Dense destruction in expansion during the half-wave radiation wave, the cleaning liquid and the formation of numerous individuals bubbles having a diameter of 50-500μm. Solution such bubbles filled with vapor. In a compressed period of half-wave, the bubble very rapidly closed, will produce more than 100 Mpa, partial hydraulic shocks. This phenomenon is called "cavitation" effect. "Cavitation" effect continuous role, the workpiece surface dirt or shelter burst spalling. Meanwhile, in the role of ultrasound, the permeation of the cleaning liquid is strengthened; pulsation stirred exacerbated; dissolved dispersed and emulsified acceleration; the workpiece thoroughly cleaned.
The application of the principle of ultrasonic cleaning is a high-frequency oscillation signal transducer converts the high frequency mechanical vibration transmitted into the medium, ultrasonic cleaning solvent in the cleaning solution density and white forward radiation emitted by the ultrasonic generator, the liquid generated by the flow of tens of thousands of tiny bubbles, the vibration in the acoustic field under the action of microscopic bubbles (cavitation nuclei) present in the liquid, when the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the air bubbles rapidly grow, and then suddenly closed, is closed in the bubble produce a shock wave, around which generate thousands of atmospheric pressure, and number of Baidu high temperature, the use of the blast when closed causing them to destroy insoluble dirt dispersed in the cleaning solution, and when the oil wrapped bodies particles adhered to the cleaning member surface, the oil is emulsified, solid particles, i.e. detachment, so as to achieve the purpose of purification of the surface of the cleaning member. Ultrasonic inherent penetration to clean a variety of surfaces complex shape of specific objects, has a good cleaning effect of small holes and crevices, not absorbing or sound absorption coefficient is small object cleaning effect.
4, ultrasonic cleaning machine which constitute the
Super wave cleaning machine consists of ultrasonic cleaning tank and ultrasonic generator two parts. Ultrasonic cleaning slot with a sturdy elastic, corrosion-resistant, high-quality stainless steel, bottom mounted ultrasonic transducer oscillator; ultrasonic generator high frequency and high voltage, conduction through the cable link line to the transducer, transducer vibration plate with generating a high-frequency resonance, so that the cleaning bath of the solvent was washed by ultrasonic action on the dirt.
5, What are the characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning machine
Ultrasonic cleaning with various chemical, physical, electric and materialized cleaning method, has the following unique advantages:
· Be able to quickly and thoroughly to remove dirt on the surface of the workpiece.
· Cleaning with the shape of the cavity, trench complex precision parts.
· Lossless workpiece surface.
· Various cleaning agents may be used.
· At room temperature or adequate heating (60 ° C or so) can be cleaned.
· Easy to move the whole integrated structure.
· Solvent, clean paper, energy, the workplace and labor savings.
6, how to use the ultrasonic cleaning machine
Ultrasonic cleaning machine should be used in strict accordance with the following requirements Segment arrest operation.
(1) links Good cleaning of the cable between the groove and the generator;
(2) the cleaning liquid into the cleaning bath (poured the amount of cleaning liquid into the object to be cleaned, and the position of the liquid level is about the overall three quarters preferably);
(3) the object to be cleaned into the cleaning tank;
(4) Plug in the power plug;
(5) the establishment of cleaning time, boot.
7, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine should pay attention to what the problem
Ultrasonic cleaning machine power supply and electric power supply must have a good grounding device.
Ultrasonic cleaning machine is strictly prohibited without cleaning fluid boot cleaning the cylinder does not add a certain number of cleaning fluid, and shall co ultrasonic switch.
Third, heating equipment cleaning equipment is strictly prohibited without liquid heating switch opens.
Prohibit the use of heavy objects (iron) impact cleaning cylinder Bottom, in order to avoid damage to the energy converter chip.
Ultrasonic generator power should be used alone all the way 220V/50Hz power supply the regulator fitted over 2000W.
Cleaning the cylinder the Bottom to regularly rinse, no excessive debris or dirt.
Ultrasonic starting seven, each time a new liquid until only after washing the pieces.
8, so that the best way of ultrasonic cleaning effect
(1) the temperature of the ultrasonic cleaning tank is preferably 30 to 50 ° C.
(2) depending on the cleaning object, correct choice of the cleaning agent. The cleaning agents are generally divided into the water-based cleaning agent (alkaline), organic solvent cleaning agent and the cleaning agent of the chemical reaction. The most generally used for the water-based cleaning agent.
(3) based on the degree of contamination of the object to be cleaned and dirt nature, use different cleaning time.
9 savings tips for cleaning fluid
Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning liquid can be recycled, this cleaning method can save a lot of cleaning liquid after each use the washing machine, the best cleaning solution into the container, then pour in the next time you use the cleaning tank, the remaining The precipitate can be processed away. Such as the concentration of the cleaning solution is not enough, the amount of added a little can be reused.
10, how to achieve the best ultrasonic cleaning effect?
There are a number of conditions to determine the final washing effect, the most important of which is to choose a suitable cleaning fluid, cleaning the appropriate time, to select the appropriate size and type of ultrasonic cleaning machine at the correct temperature.
The ultrasonic transducer FAQs:
The ultrasonic oscillator damp Check with megger transducer connected plug 2 feet the ultrasonic transducers positive, pin 3 negative transducer but also connected with the housing of the transducer. Examination, the value of insulation resistance between the pin 23 can determine the basic situation, the general requirements of the insulation resistance of greater than 30 megohms. If you reach the insulation resistance value, generally transducer damp overall transducer spray (excluding housing) set about 100 ℃ oven drying for 3 hours, or use a hair dryer to wave to the resistance to normal.
Transducer oscillator ignition, ceramic material fragmentation, can be combined with the naked eye and megger check, general measures as emergency treatment, individual damaged oscillator can disconnect to other oscillator will not affect the normal use.
Transducer degumming, our transducer is the use of cements, screw fastening double assurance process, under normal circumstances, this will not happen, because of the role of the screw, the transducer does not fall from the vibrating surface degummed, the general determination method hand rocked the tail of the oscillator, careful observation of the vibrating surface glue to make judgments. Usually oscillator degumming after the power of the ultrasonic power output is normal, but a bad connection due to the transducer with the plane of vibration, the bad effect of the vibration of the vibration surface, long after the oscillator may be burned. Degumming treatment oscillator is too much trouble, and generally can only be sent back to the manufacturer to resolve. The avoid oscillator unglued most effective method is usually careful not to use shock vibration surface.
Perforation of the plane of vibration, typically full load transducer useful may occur after perforation of the vibration surface, which is due to the vibration surface of the stainless steel plate for a long time of high-frequency vibration fatigue Suozhi hole in the plane of vibration transducer life already. to generally only replaced.
The panel control the display portion includes a generator on the front panel power switch, the power adjustment potentiometer, power output directions, etc., complete the power switch of the washing machine, the power regulator, the output power status display function.
Matching mode transducers and ultrasonic power is substantially in this manner: output transformer, matching inductor with the transducer constituting the series resonant circuit, is generally adjusted to a tap of the output transformer can change the size of the output current, the size of the adjustment of the matching inductor adjust the match situation
The boot panel display bar no display
Press the following steps:
[1] machine power
[2] machine rear fuse
The boot panel display bar light, but the fan is not running, no power output
Press the following steps:
[1] The power failure check whether the fan can freely rotate
[2] Open the hood, the view inside the main fuse is blown, check for damage bridge pile carefully check the power supply filter capacitor is damaged.
Spring and autumn in some units of the machine boot alarm function normally, but then boot
Generally occurred in air humidity weather, the main reason is to promote the module is sensitive to humidity, and easy to false alarms in a humid environment. The solution is to place the machine in a dry environment, or some time with a hair dryer tidal flooding. Determine the failure point is to determine the ultrasonic power without load power potentiometers on the panel in the minimum position next turn on an alarm condition exists

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