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how to use an ultrasonic cleaner

how to use an ultrasonic cleaner
★ ultrasonic cleaning machine downtime.
To stop the cleaning process, the first power knob to the minimum. Then press the end of the end of ultrasound. Cleaning effort to master according to the cleaning surface environment.

★ ultrasonic cleaning machine pre-disposition.
Cleaning is appropriate before Zhudao first parts of the surface dirt (such as a dust cover any outer surface will be a lot of dust, the whole cylinder block accumulates in its shell curve changes at many thick and easy addition to sludge ) simple and clean, in order to extend the life of the application of cleaning fluid.
Ultrasonic or rough cleaning mud dirt disposal only slightly weaker, so pre-disposal should try to Wong Nai or mud dirt removal.

★ ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaner disposal.
When cleaning machine wash excess of the machine, the sludge content of the cleaning agent will be equal, and combined with the ultrasonic emulsification PROBATION. The cleaners too dirty tacky weakened cavitation strategies, the application should not continue. Recommends that users set the furnishings and equipment storage bucket with cleaning machine with the application to the accumulation of too dirty cleaning agent for recycling applications high stakes.

★ ultrasonic cleaning machine overflow.
If the liquid surface cleaning pool there is excess oil slick. Which should be opened washing machine overflow furnishings to wipe out, to resist cleaning workpiece secondary infection.
Dominate specific as follows: opened overflow discharge valve to the injection of water or cleaning solution cleaning the pool, until cleaning fluid origin overflow (recommended scraper appliances to cut painted oil slick to the tendency of the overflow outlet to contribute to its rapid outflow ), to maintain the the overflow discharge valve normally closed case on eventuality overflow caused ground infection.

★ ultrasonic cleaning machine after disposal.
Into the clean good parts, with each hole in the residual atmosphere expansion will purge the cleaning liquid pure, and surface drying (recommended equipment is a blow dust gun with the atmosphere expander application). If conditions best set furnishings and equipment pools around the washing machine. In order to deposit parts rinsed.

★ ultrasonic cleaning machine would be placed.
Parts in reinforced material basket secretly put into cleaning the pool, when the one-time put the whole lot, you should try to make them shapely spread in the material basket, not relative to the stack.

★ ultrasonic cleaning machine installed.
Please refer to the installation manual the the thermostat sensor signal flags line between the control cabinet and the host of the adjacent washing machine, ultrasonic drive line, heater discipline lines the road and ultrasonic cleaning machine connected to 380VAC power supply, install water pipes under the washing machine, drain pipe overflow discharge pipe.

★ ultrasonic cleaning machine add water.
To three-quarters of cleaning tanks in the amount of water, the liquid level subject engulfed parts will be cleaned, usually no more than cleaning the pool.

★ ultrasonic cleaning machine boot.
Ultrasonic cleaning machines work properly, the ultrasonic transmit simultaneously by three tendency to press the side ultrasonic start bilateral ultrasonic i.e. already started, the right to reverse the power conditioning knob, press the side ultrasonic start. And its spin to the right power at LEO performance is the performance of the current value of the bottom of the ultrasound operating power.

★ ultrasonic cleaning machine to participate in the cleaning agent.
Until the water temperature rose to about 4O ℃, UC-O3 parts cleaning agents to participate in cleaning the pool (generally once about 5kg), slowly stir the water purification its abundant dissolved (more sound waves can also start or open drum gas The furnishings and stirred).

★ ultrasonic cleaning machine soaked rescue probation.
A lot of parts and components, such as cylinder head, piston, connecting rod, turbo, exhaust manifold, etc. with these parts of coke, some lighter, easily cleaned, but there are very weight, important immersion softening process of the workpiece will be such an environment, the better the cleaning effect.
The small only slightly: the effort to deploy appropriate and perhaps put the parts cleaning agent accommodation, coaxing the warmth of the cleaner to soak until the next day to start the ultrasonic cleaning, hard to clean parts also may get a good cleaning effect.

★ ultrasonic cleaning machine heated.
Start electronically controlled heating switch, the water temperature conditioning knob on the pure white tick marks point cut when the temperature (60 ℃). Washing machine cleaning economy in the application process, the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 ℃.how to use an ultrasonic cleaner

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