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Ultrasonic Equipment Repair

UCE ultrasonic co.,Ltd have a number of ultrasonic ultrasonic technology industry elite, good maintenance of various brands of ultrasonic plastic welding machine repair,ultrasonic cleaning machine  repair, ultrasonic equipment repair, ultrasound system repair. Our engineers have a wealth of experience, you do not have your ultrasound equipment is a problem the maintenance staff could not find a good company to worry about low-cost ultrasonic repair operations, service, warranty length, please contact us!

Ultrasonic cleaning repair:
Ultrasonic cleaning machine Repair

The company mainly produces ultrasonic cleaning equipment, ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning line of non-standard, strong focus on cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning line wafer, solar wafer industry, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning line of magnetic materials industry, multi-slot gas ultrasonic cleaning machine, double-stranded multi-station transmission ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine bearings, ultrasonic cleaning machine electrolysis, electroplating factories dedicated ultrasonic shock plate (vibration plate), automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines, slot-type ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic generator maintenance , ultrasonic non-standard equipment design and automation equipment transformation dozen series, 200 varieties high-quality products.

Ultrasonic welding repair:
Ultrasonic welding machine Repair

My company specializes in aircraft maintenance:

the United States will be able to believe (BRANSON) 8400.8700.8800.900.920.2000, the United States Li Chang DUKANE (Dengfeng) series, the U.S. Southern Star. Nanya ultrasound, Ultrasound Society of Japan Varitronix, Mazda ultrasonic MASTER, Dragon King KLN series ultrasonic Germany. OMEGA series, the Swiss Spirit High RINCO Series, Hong Kong's new power ultrasonic sanden Series, Hong Kong, Asia ultrasonic series, Hong Kong powerful UE Series, Hong Kong, Toho TP series, UK series, three and arrival PT, Taiwan Jinghua ultrasound, a source of ultrasonic, Evergreen ultrasound, ultrasonic velocity Jie, Ming and ultrasound, the East and the sound waves that are ultrasonic, Bishan BESONIC ultrasound, ultrasound Sanli, China Material ultrasound, Yao large ultrasound, the Shenzhen Branch of domestic prestige of the KWS, Keepahead KWT, Guangzhou new impetus, LK, Dongguan, Shunde Changxing, Kexinda KST, will be able to shun, marine, fine diamond Cheng, age, ultra-Sisi, Zhao Jin Yan, sea extension, in the Korth record, red, permanent wave, Jie Guan, Kim Tae-won, the power of waves, Xinyu, third, and so the brand of ultrasonic plastic welding machine equipment.

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