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Automatic Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Automatic Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System
The principle of ultrasonic cleaning:
The high frequency oscillating signal from the ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer is converted into high frequency mechanical vibration transmitted into the medium. Ultrasonic wave in the ultrasonic cleaning fluid density and white radiation, forward liquid flow of tens of thousands of tiny air bubbles. Of tiny bubbles in a liquid in the role of the sound field of ultrasonic vibration, sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble rapid growth, and then closed suddenly, the shock wave in the bubble closed. Generate thousands in the surrounding atmospheric pressure, destruction of insoluble dirt leaving them scattered in the ultrasonic cleaning fluid, wrapped in oil when the group particles and adhesion when cleaning the surface, the oil is emulsified, and solid particles, out of, so achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface clean. Ultrasonic cleaning with unique mechanical and thermal effects on the dirt has a strong decomposition of discrete capacity, speed of ultrasonic cleaning, high efficiency, good quality, clean uniform, easy to automate and reduce labor intensity, in the modern industrial manufacturing process The main application of ultrasonic cleaning machines become more and more widely, particularly suitable for porous and complex geometry of the workpiece, ultrasonic degreasing, ultrasonic wax, ultrasonic rust.
Automatic Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Automatic Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System is characterized by:
※ automated ultrasonic cleaning machine, which several complement each other, constitute a complete cleaning system: ultrasonic wash, jet wash, wash brush roller, dipping wash cycle wash, organic solvents to wash, super shock wash net, electrolysis wash, bubble wash, mixing shake to wash the vapor phase (steam) wash, acid wash.
※ In recent years, precision industrial wash and ultra-precision industrial wash, with optical instruments, precision machinery, semiconductor, electronic components, LCD technology development of a leap of progress, development of a variety of new ultrasonic cleaning technology. complex frequency ultrasound, such as sweep ultrasonic the Megasonic ultrasound, vacuum degassing ultrasonic, hydrocarbon ultrasonic cleaning machine, environmental protection, such as ultrasound.
※ users in the use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment workpiece, usually with tap workpiece leaching to remove the wash liquid when cleaning ultrasonic bulk more, this process water consumption, improved by the addition of ultrasonic rinsing tank, overflow update ultrasonic rinse tank of water at a certain flow rate to achieve the water-saving purpose.
※ multiple single-slot cleaning unit synthesis of an ultrasonic cleaning line or washing / rinsing tank production to a device, to be completed by higher demand on larger quantities of ultrasonic cleaning.
Automatic Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System
Automatic Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System to adapt to the industry: ultrasonic cleaning machine with the sound of water technology development and progress, a new generation of underwater acoustic transducer inputs, ultrasound plays an increasingly important role in the following industrial processes to become a modern industrial an integral part of the process of cleaning applications:
1, vacuum coating, electroplating, surface treatment; watch parts, case strap; lighting; PCB board;
2, the optical lens, optical prism, mirrors, fiber optic connectors; cameras, digital cameras; finished glasses, frames and lenses;
3, car / motorcycle deceleration, shock absorbers, steering gear, engine metal parts, sheet metal shell;
4, the movement key body equipment, bicycle frame; mechanical bearings, precision machine parts;
5 hardware devices, plumbing valves; tableware of stainless steel knives;
6, the cathode ray tube CRT, liquid crystal displays LCDs, STN and ITO glass, etc.;
7, electronic components, quartz crystal; relay, electronic switch; magnetic materials; semiconductor metal substrate holder; communications products;
8, aerospace components, military products; manufacture of railway locomotives and steam valves to maintain;
Automatic Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System
Adapt to industries such as: electronics, electrical, instrument, instruments, machinery, hardware, tools, bearings, hydraulic, plating processing, medical, aerospace, glass, glasses, ceramics, air conditioners, freezers, compressors, watch and clock parts, gold and silver jewelry, jade jewelry, IC chips, resistors, crystals, semiconductors, the original film circuit and so on.Automatic Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System

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