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Optical industry ultrasonic cleaning machine

Optical industry ultrasonic cleaning machine
Optical industry ultrasonic cleaning machine
In the optical industry, ultrasonic cleaning machine application is quite many, is mainly used for lens removal surface polishing, this kind of work on the purity requirements are high, often need to cooperate with the water for cleaning, because the water itself many impurities, will form the two pollution. Like a liquid crystal screen, lens, optical instruments lens which can not tolerate any dust particles, so the optical industry ultrasonic cleaner has a higher technical requirements.

The optical industry ultrasonic cleaning machine mostly need multiple slot cleaning, and heat drying function, some still need to install circulation filtering function, the other is to be equipped with pure water machine, to ensure the purity of the water. Below is my company production of a lens cleaning machines, belt drying system, manual, the higher price.

Type:UCE-OIUCM-7002 Main features:

1, IPA steam bath washing system, so that the workpiece is completely clean and dry, can be immediately put into the plating or coating.

2, filtration and circulation system can keep the cleaning liquid in the cleaning condition.

3, heating and refrigeration system is arranged in the reservoir ( outside the cleaning tank ), and equipped with thermostatic control.

4, a swing device, improves the cleaning efficiency.

5, a " frozen ", " on the ball pump " and " swing " overload protection alarm system. In order to ensure the safe operation of.

6, equipped with IPA freeze protection system, effectively preventing the volatilization.

7, IPA drying tank equipped with a time switch and stepless speed lifting device, ensure that the workpiece is steam wash and dry.

8, immersion ultrasonic ultrasonic device, easy to repair.

9, all stainless steel inner cylinder and outer shell

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