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Mechanical ultrasonic generator

Mechanical ultrasonic generator Technical parameters:
Output power :0 --- 3000W optional
(2) Input voltage :180 --- 265V AC or 85 --- 135V AC. 50/60Hz
(3) Operating temperature: -20 --- +65 °C
Output harmonic parameters: 97% (Min)
Start of the peak current (3000W load): less than or equal to 40A
Operating frequency: 20K --- 40KHz
7.MOS/IGBT maximum temperature: 50 degrees (3000W load, ambient temperature of 25 degrees when testing).
Mechanical ultrasonic generator

Mechanical ultrasonic generator Description:
Power adjustment: adjust the power potential, the power can be adjustable from zero to the rated power.
Power Switch: ON is turned on, OFF for the shutdown.
3 Display window: shows the machine output power.
Power and protection indicators: green indicator lights to indicate the power is turned on. Machine is working properly. Indicator is off, the power shut-off. If the light is blinking, due to said load caused by abnormal flow, short circuit or power supply voltage, as well as the local temperature within the machine is too high to cause the circuit to protect themselves.
5 power cord: connect the machine with mains connection device. Note that the ground must be good!
6 output connection ports: ultrasonic cleaning machine and generator connections. Attention to positive and negative polarity is not reversed.
7 Cooling fan: the main power device cooling.

Mechanical ultrasonic generator
Mechanical ultrasonic generator debugging method:
(1) to connect the machine, using the ammeter measuring the input current.
(2) to 300W of power for a grade, which corresponds to 1A of current.
(3) If a the Taiwan 900W/28K ultrasonic, when we adjust the matching inductor can also look at the input current, the current show 3A maximum rating.
(4) If a the Taiwan 1200W/28K ultrasonic, when the first turn of the transformer and inductor tuned, the ammeter shows the 3A current, then the transformer to every two turns when current display 5A exceeds the rated current, this may be appropriate to reduce the inductance of the gasket match until the ammeter shows the 4A can.
(5) When debugging a good feeling inadequate, the main frequency of transfer of small 0.5KHz or 1KHz, and then re-tune the inductance. (6) If the boot lights flash or boot over a period of time after the lights flash, the transformer to the first turn and then boot, if normal, that is, power tune too large, the current is too large to protect the lights flash. May be appropriate to reduce the inductance of the gasket can.
(7) adjusting a good machine, and then adjust the display board near the cable RW2 to display the values ​​of rated power.

 Mechanical ultrasonic generator specifications:

Type Power(w) Frequency(khz) Current transdcer Size(cm)
UCE-TT-300W 300W 28khz,33khz,40khz Frequency is adjustable 1A 3-6 340*280*150
UCE-TT-600W 600W 28khz,33khz,40khz Frequency is adjustable 2A 6-12 340*280*150
UCE-TT-900W 900W 28khz,33khz,40khz Frequency is adjustable 3A 9-18 340*280*150
UCE-TT-1200W 1200W 28khz,33khz,40khz Frequency is adjustable 3.5A 12-24 340*280*150
UCE-TT-1500W 1500W 28khz,33khz,40khz Frequency is adjustable 4A 15-30 340*280*150
UCE-TT-1800W 1800W 28khz,33khz,40khz Frequency is adjustable 4.5A 18-36 340*280*150
UCE-TT-2100W 2100W 28khz,33khz,40khz Frequency is adjustable 5.5A 21-42 340*280*150
UCE-TT-2400W 2400W 28khz,33khz,40khz Frequency is adjustable 6A 24-48 340*280*150
UCE-TT-2700W 2700W 28khz,33khz,40khz Frequency is adjustable 6.5A 27-54 340*280*150
UCE-TT-3000W 3000W 28khz,33khz,40khz Frequency is adjustable 7A 30-60 340*280*150

Mechanical ultrasonic generator

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