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ultrasonic welding generators

ultrasonic welding generators
The UCE - Q series of ultrasonic welding power output power and amplitude can be set freely, frequency automatic tracking attunement, adaptive various parameters transducer, can widely used in ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cutting, ultrasonic grinding, ultrasonic wave whole, ultrasonic plastic processing, ultrasonic abrasive impact, ultrasonic crushing processing technologies.

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ultrasonic welding generator features:

1, frequency automatic tracking tuning, manual adjustment, automatic tracking the best working state.

2, with transducer fault, load excess dual protection function.

3, output power according to load automatic adjustment.

4, adaptive various parameters transducer.

5, components my company profession custom. Vertical organization, double lubricious appearance

UCE - Q series standard power specifications:

1600W ~ 4200W / 15KHZ; Frequency tracking scope: - 500HZ ~ + 500HZ
3000W / 500W ~ 20KHZ; Frequency tracking scope: - 600HZ ~ + 600HZ
300W ~ 1000W / 28KHZ; Frequency tracking scope: - 750HZ ~ + 750HZ
300W ~ 800W / 40KHZ; Frequency tracking scope: - 1000HZ ~ + 1000HZ
100W ~ 300W / 60KHZ; Frequency tracking scope: - 1500HZ ~ 1500HZ
ultrasonic welding generators

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