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ultrasonic processors

ultrasonic processors
I. Introduction

    The ultrasonic power supply generates high frequency electrical signals, which is applied to the piezoelectric crystals within the converter, where it is changed to mechanical vibrations. The longitudinal vibrations are amplified by the probe and transmitted to the cleaning liquids, which consist of alternate compressions and rarefactions. These pressure fluctuations create micro bubbles, which expand during the negative pressure excursions, and implode violently during the positive excursions. As the bubbles collapse, millions of shock waves, extreme in pressures and temperatures are generated at the implosion sites. These of the high pressure and temperature can be effectively used to obtain cleaning results.
   The ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be applied to electronic components, silicon of the semiconductor, electronic board, optical lenses, audio magnetic head, electronic device, camera device, communication equipment, medical equipment, medical operation device, glass device, fine mechanical components, Biology HPLC, physics, chemistry, and medicine.
II. Features   

1. Precise and convenient digital displaying and controlling.
2. Digital display can show you the output power directly.
3. Output amplitude can be adjusted from 0% to 100%.
4. Two options available: Interval pulse modulate & constant output.
5. Pulse width and interval time can be separately set.
6. Its timer controlled and can switch off automatically when the set time is run off. You can turn it off when necessary.
7. Various kinds of converter are available.

Type Power (w) Output Amplitude Available Converter
UCE-100UP 100 1/8″3/16″1/4″ 100ul~80ml    1%~99%
UCE-150UP 150 1/8″3/16″1/4″ 100ul~100ml  1%~99%
UCE-250UP 250 1/8″3/16″1/4″ 100ul~200ml   1%~99%
UCE-500UP 500 1/8″3/16″1/4″1/2″ 250ul~500ml   1%~99%
UCE-800UP 800 1/8″3/16″1/4″1/2″3/4″ 250ul~800ml   1%~99%

ultrasonic processors
IV、Introduction of front panel
1. Liquid crystal display
2. Max.intensity: the button is to control the ultrasonic output intensity. It has 4 levels: 20%, 30%, 60%, and 100%.
3. Intensity: can change from 0-100% of the ranges.
4. Number inputting button
5. Start/Stop: operate or stop button.
6. Mode: The change button between pulse modulate and constant output.
7. Pulse: To set the output amplitude in constant operation.Imputting the number can set the time.
Pulse wide is from 0.1 to 9.9 secs.
8. Timer: Display shows the set time and the time remaining in minutes and seconds.
Notice: Interval pulse modulates can prevent accumulating too much heating in the liquid and so can offer more effective result.
Notice:Over strong output power will damage the slender converter, so please choose the position according to the following demand:
1/8 converter set“20%”;  1/16 converter set“35%”;
1/4converter set“60%”;  1/2 converter set“100%”。
V.Back panel
ultrasonic processors

1. Probe connection plug
2. Foot switch connection plug
3. 9-needle com
4. Power plug
5. Fan cage
6. Temperature dialer
7. Temperature sensor connection plug
8. The set temperature
9. Power switch
Notice:The foot switch and the buttons of the panel control the output of the instrument at the same time, after the foot switch insert in the plug. When the instrument is on work, please set the button (time and output amplitude) and output firstly, and then push the foot switch.

VI. Preparation before operation
Notice: If the instrument is put in the cold or hot environment for a long time, please wait for a moment till the room temperature.
1.   Make sure the power button is “OFF”
2.   Plug the power cable.
3.   If other converters are needed, please change the “Tip” on the probe with the attached handle and rubber piece, and install the new converter to the probe.
4.   Install the converter, probe parts on the lab support or in the enclosure.
5.   Connect the converter cable to the connection unit.
6.   Make sure the foot switch is connecting with the plug.
VII.How to use
     100W250W500W650W800W950W1200W Connection of converter and probe:
ultrasonic processors
Operation steps:
  1. Plug the power cable; make sure the power button is “ON”.
  2. Set the max intensity though the buttons on the panel. The max intensity of the instrument is set at 30% max intensity at the factory. You can choose the proper max intensity.
  3. If you want to change the instrument working mode, please press the “mode” button and then press “1/Y” button or “0/N” button for choosing the instrument working mode. And last please press the “Enter” button.
  4. Please press the “Mode” button, and then please press the “Timer” button to set the total working time by press the number buttons on the front panel. Finally press the “Enter” button. If you want to change the time in the pulse working mode, please press the “Clear” button at fist. Second, please press the number buttons to set the time for continually working pulse mode and the time for pulse off. Finally press the “Enter” button.
  5. If the converter has no ultrasonic vibration, please set the max intensity at 35% max intensity and adjust the tune bolt slowly. 

  6.     Intensity of ultrasonic cleaner depends on the output of power. It is controlled through the intensity button on front panel. As the obstruction of the probe is strengthened, the power needed increases. Power device will detect this need and automatically increase the output power. Higher viscidity, larger diameter of tip or higher pressure will form greater obstruction to the probe. That will certainly increase power output. Turning the “Intensity button clockwise does not mean transporting greater power to the sample, only if when obstruction to the probe is large enough.
    Do not turn on the switch when not connecting with the converter.
    Do not let micro-oscillator vibrate over 10 seconds in the air.
    Do not contact the vibrating probe with other articles except the sample.
    ultrasonic processors
    ultrasonic processors

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