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Hand Plastic Welding Machine

Hand Plastic Welding Machine

         Hand Plastic Welding Machine CONTENTS

Ⅰ. Agency principle of ultrasonic welding machine

Ⅱ. Recommendation of ultrasonic welding machine

Ⅲ. Ultrasonic welding machine applicable scope

Ⅳ. The welding advantages of ultrasonic welding machine

Ⅴ.Part of the Function Description

Ⅵ. Instructions for use

Ⅶ. Debugging

Ⅷ. Warranty card

Hand Plastic Welding Machine
Small Hand Plastic Welding Machine

Ⅰ.Agency principle of ultrasonic welding machine:
Change 220V, 60Hz into 28KHz high voltage electrical energy, vibrator is converted to mechanical energy. This mechanical vibration goes through the transmission of the child, the welding head into the processing material, to break down its molecular structure by heat energy. So that the surface of the workpiece is combined,Its solid strength can be compared with the body plastic.
Ⅱ. Recommendation of ultrasonic welding machine:
Model of the ultrasonic welding machine:
Power of the ultrasonic welding machine:
Working power supply:220V、50/60Hz、2A
Frequency of the ultrasonic welding machine:28KHz
Overall dimensions of the ultrasonic welding machine:280×210×155mm
Ⅲ. Ultrasonic welding machine applicable scope:
  Decoration, ribbon flower spot welding, riveting and other,Mainly used for textiles, clothing, electronics, toys and other industries. compact and flexible, easy to operate, inexpensive and practical.
Ⅳ. The welding advantages of ultrasonic welding machine:
  Ultrasonic welding machine is known for its rapid, clean, security and other advantages to achieve plastic bonding of advanced technology. Using Japanese components, reliable force; multiple protection circuit, to provide enterprises with a highly efficient welding method to reduce production costs.
Ⅴ.Part of the Function Description:
1. Power switch: the power of the electric box access switch. With this switch, the power of the machine turns on, while the power indicator light.
2. Welding time control knob: to set the ultrasonic oscillation, in accordance with the requirements of the workpiece, adjust the knob to achieve the effect of welding.
3. The fan mesh:the protection mesh in the electric box to cool fan.
Note: Be sure not to insert your fingers into the fan network to avoid scratching the finger. Nor can objects block the fan network, maintain ventilation and smooth
   4.Output control motor outlet: ultrasonic energy generated by the electric box through this socket and then the cable transports to the hand-held transducer.
   Note: when the electric box works, the socket electrode has high current, must not make them nudity or be touched.
   5. Fuse Block: one of the safety device of the machine, built-in fuse (2A).
Note: if the electric box overloads work, fuse within the fuse will self-disconnect in order to protect the other components of the electric box.
   6. The source line: connect the electrical box to an external power supply into line, plug in the power outlet
   7. Welding head: transmit the ultrasonic energy transformed by transducer through the welding head to the workpiece, and then by the force of the human hand to achieve the purpose of welding.
   Note: The various parts of the size of the welding head is made ​​according to the design of the acoustic transmission principle, so it must not arbitrarily change the shape and size of the welding head, so as not to affect the normal use of the machine or cause the welding head scrapped. Replacement of the welding head must be powered down.
   8. Oscillation tube: made ​​of insulating material, the built-in transducer and bond head for the operator’s portable use.
Note: Do not open or oscillation tube shell broken, to avoid electric shock, ensure safety.
   9. Sound control switch: sound control switch for the operation of the operator to control the acoustic emission work, operate the welding head at the welding workpiece, by the switch and pressed hard to work.
  10. Output control motor connector: convert the ultrasonic energy generated by the electric box to the connector on the transducer by the same cable.
Ⅵ. Instructions for use:
   1. Connect one end of the cable to the oscillation tube output connector, the other end to the control cable outlet on the back of electric box and tighten.
   2. Wipe the connection surface of the welding head, then connect to the oscillation tube transducer, and lock with a wrench.
   Note: When connected, you must ensure that the two connections between the welding head and the transducer surface coincide, and tightened. Do not to damage the unit because the screw is too long or can not tighten the slip teeth.
   3. When handling welding head you must use two wrenches to make the welding head and the transducer be separately stuck, not just stuck one part to tighten or load and unload, so as not to cause damage to the portable oscillation tube.
   4. Check 1, 2, properly installed, Plug the power cord socket into the external power receptacle, flip the power switch, then the indicator lights.
   5. Gently press the acoustic control switch, then to hear the wave sound transmitted to the welding head, it indicates that the unit is working properly, you can put into use.
   6. When an exception occurs in the work, must not open the device without permission, please notify the supplier or sent the equipment to the manufacturers to check and repair.
Ⅶ. Debugging:
   1. The debugging of portable ultrasonic plastic welding machine is completed in the factory, if there is no unusual circumstances, turn on the power to adjust the welding time to the low-grade position, and then it can be used directly.

Model Power Welding time Frequency Size
UCE-HPWM300W 300W 0-3 15K,18K,20K,35K 280×210×155mm
UCE-HPWM600W 600W 0-3 15K,18K,20K,35K 280×210×155mm
UCE-HPWM900W 900W 0-3 15K,18K,20K,35K 280×210×155mm
UCE-HPWM1200W 1200W 0-3 15K,18K,20K,35K 280×210×155mm
UCE-HPWM1500W 1500W 0-3 15K,18K,20K,35K 280×210×155mm
UCE-HPWM1800W 1800W 0-3 15K,18K,20K,35K 280×210×155mm
UCE-HPWM2000W 2000W 0-3 15K,18K,20K,35K 280×210×155mm
UCE-HPWM2700W 2700W 0-3 15K,18K,20K,35K 280×210×155mm
UCE-HPWM3000W 3000W 0-3 15K,18K,20K,35K 280×210×155mm
UCE-HPWM4200W 4200W 0-3 15K,18K,20K,35K 280×210×155mm
OEM Hand Plastic Welding Machine
Hand Plastic Welding Machine

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