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Ultrasonic welding tool head

Ultrasonic welding tool head
Ultrasonic mold (tool head) is a generic term for all ultrasonic transmitter, its role is to ultrasonic transducer coupled to the object to be processed. Because it wants to pass the ultrasound, so the mold must also work in the resonant state, namely its natural resonant frequency and vibration sub-match. Second is the amplitude to be uniform, face shape to adapt to the shape of the welding tools.

A. Frequency Range: 15KHz - 100KHz
Two. Material: alloy steel, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel.
3. Hardness: HRC62 °
4. Working medium: solid, liquid, liquid metal, and so on.
5 Finish: black, polished, chrome-plated.
Ultrasonic welding tool head

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